Media Day: Scott Chandler

Scott Chandler talks about the diversity at tight end, blocking for Iowa's dangerous backfield, being snubbed for post-season honors and more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on Tony Moeaki)

Scott Chandler: He's a guy who came in, worked hard, and keeps getting better every time. I think that we're a good 1-2 punch.

Q: You say you compliment each other, is there things that he does better than you, things you do better than him?

Chandler: Not necessarily, but when you have two tight ends on the field it makes it a tough match up for the defense, especially with two tight ends that can block and catch the ball.

Q: Do you think this is the best offense you guys have had since you've been here?

Chandler: We've had some good offenses since I've been here. You can't really tell until the end of the year if it's the best offense. I know last year we were pretty potent running and throwing the ball. The year before we threw the ball almost every down because we didn't have much of a running game. I think that you can't really tell right now. You'll find out at the end of the year.

Q: How good does it make you feel that you have Albert Young coming back at the RB position and Drew Tate coming back for this third year at the QB position? Two potent guys, the 1-2 punch at QB and RB.

Chandler: It makes you feel good. You know you've got veteran leadership back there, even the guys up front, we've got quite a few guys returning that have played or have been in the mix for a long time. When you have that coming back, it makes you feel good about the guys playing next to you. You know they've been there, they're going to be ready.

Q: I know blocking might not be your favorite thing to do, but is that something you take pride in, blocking for guys like Albert Young, Damian Sims, Shonn Greene, is that something you take pride in, helping those guys get big yardage?

Chandler: I don't hate blocking at all. No, blocking's part of the game, you do it. Blocking for a guy like Albert, and Damian, Shonn back there, those guys make you look good. If you make a good block you know they're going to make the right cut. They're guys that you like to have in the backfield.

Q: End of the last year, one of the best pass-receiving tight ends in the league, nothing on the post-season recognition. How'd that make you feel?

Chandler: You can't worry about that stuff. I didn't have any control over that. I have control over how I played. That's the same way I look at it going into this year. I control how I play, and I let you guys take care of that stuff.

Q: You've got a strong tight end core this year, 3 guys coming back, what's that going to do, how big of a role are you guys going to play?

Chandler: I think we're going to have a big role in the offense. We're guys that are experienced. We need to be leaders out there on the field. We need to make the plays when they present themselves.

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