Media Day: Calvin Davis

Calvin Davis talks about bowl aspirations, the young receivers, his outlook on his past injuries, and what he's got to do this year to be an impact player in this premium transcript.

Q: (On playing 4 consecutive January games)

Calvin Davis: Anytime you can play in January, you've got to be pretty excited about that.

Q: But you'd like to go to California.

Davis: Definitely. I would, definitely.

Q: What do you think of the young guys that have just come in, a whole new wave of guys?

Davis: There's a few of them. There are a bunch of guys with a lot of potential, a lot of speed, a lot of skills. Those guys are going to be real good in the near future.

Q: Yeah?

Davis: Yep.

Q: Who in particular has made a mark in summer workouts and stuff?

Davis: There's a bunch of them. Dominique Douglas has done a great job, James Cleveland has done a great job, Anthony Bowman. All of them have, but just to throw out a couple names, those guys are going to be pretty good.

Q: All different sizes and shapes and speeds.

Davis: Yep. Well, they're all fast. There aren't any slow guys out there. Derrell Johnson. They're guys that can make plays. They're coming in as freshmen and making plays. I'm looking forward to seeing those guys.

Q: You talked about the young guys, does that push you even harder to and make the most out of your senior year, get on the field?

Davis: Not so much those guys, but everyone. The team in general. Knowing that I've got to work hard to improve every day as well.

Q: Do you feel like you're going to be able to stay healthy this year?

Davis: Definitely. I don't run around thinking that I'm going to get injured, so I'm looking to stay healthy and have a productive season.

Q: Talking to a lot of guys who have had multiple injuries, there is some "timidness" coming off those injuries. That's not a factor for you at all?

Davis: Not for me, no.

Q: Maybe the first time?

Davis: Yeah, this is my second time around with this injury thing. I don't even think about it, to tell you the truth.

Q: What do you expect from yourself this year?

Davis: Just being a big part of this team. Just being a big contributor, leading.

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