Media Day: Rafael Eubanks

Rafael Eubanks spoke with the media about taking over the starting center position, what he needs to do to keep it, some summer grooming tips and more in this premium transcript.

Q: What's it like for a young guy, last year, nobody knew you, this year, getting the spot, you project as the starting center. Obviously you're a focal point. Tell me how you prepare for that?

Rafael Eubanks: We've just go to prepare with excitement. I'm excited for the opportunity, I don't want to let this opportunity go. Now the coaches and the team have called on me to kind of step up. I've got big shoes to fill. I'm excited, I'm going to work as hard as I can to do a good job.

Q: They gave you number 52, so you'll be an easy mark.

Eubanks: Right, right. Definitely.

Q: When did you hear about this change, were they telling you, 'Next year, you'll have the center spot, be ready for it.'?

Eubanks: Just kind of back in spring. The coaches talked to me and said, "There's a good chance you might move up to that first spot." I did, eventually in the spring. Now with camp, it's just working hard to keep that spot and just learning everything, picking everything up.

Q: Do you feel like there are guys behind you pushing you forward?

Eubanks: Definitely. The competition is great. No matter what, the best guys are going to go out there. If it's me, if it's Mike (Elgin), if it's Seth (Olsen). No matter what, the competition is going to raise everybody's play to that next level. Whoever the best 5 out there, they're going to be the best 5. That's what you want, the best 5 out there for the game.

Q: You came in with the big frilly hair, last year it was a little shorter, and now it's gone. What's with that?

Eubanks: I just felt like shaving it off midway through the summer, I just did it. It's a lot different than that big fro. That fro's probably 20 degrees hotter.

Q: No rookie hazing or anything like that?

Eubanks: (Laughs) No, nothing like that.

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