Hawks Still Involved with DB Ambrose Wooden

One of the best prospects on the east coast hails from a city very familiar to Coach Ferentz. Baltimore Gilman DB Ambrose Wooden also attends the same high school that Ferentz's children were attending while Kirk was the OL coach of the Ravens. Ambrose has fielded offers from coast to coast, but has kept the Hawks in mind. He will be narrowing his list very soon. Will the Hawks make the final cut?

Although this year has not been considered a strong year nationally for defensive back prospects, Ambrose Wooden is certainly one who is sitting at the top of the ranks. He currently has over 20 offers, including USC, UCLA, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Iowa, Virginia, Tech, Boston College, and Georgia Tech.

"I'm leaving this week for a vacation to Ocean City, MD," Ambrose said. "I will return on August 6th and I hope to narrow my list a bit when I return. I probably will cut my list to around 6 or 8 schools and set-up a few official visits."

Coach Ferentz is still a very respected man in the Baltimore area with many coaching connections and a good reputation. In fact, his reputation is the main reason Iowa still remains in the race.

"Coach Ferentz is the biggest reason I'm giving Iowa consideration. Most schools will just send me letters from one coach, but Iowa sends me letters from all the coaches and they are very well hand-written. I really like their coaching staff."

So will the Hawks be in Ambrose's final list?

"They have a pretty good shot. One of my friends actually is out there visiting one of Coach Ferentz's daughters right now, and she e-mailed me saying how much she liked Iowa City. I know Iowa City ranks as one of the best places to live and work. I think there is a pretty good chance I will make a visit. I'll know more in a month from now."

Ambrose has been featured at quarterback throughout his high school career at Gilman. However, the defensive backfield figures to be where he'll be play in college. Although it is uncertain whether Ambrose will play corner or safety, Ambrose has his preference.

"I prefer to play corner as I like to use the sidelines and my hands. I believe you get the opportunity to hit more at corner as you are used all over the field instead of the middle like a safety. It is more impressive to lay the wood on a back as a corner also," Ambrose stated with cunning laughter.

Ambrose sits very highly at the Hawks wish list for cornerbacks. Now, the question remains whether Iowa can get Ambrose on a visit. As it has been documented many times, the biggest challenge the coaches face is to get a prospect on campus in Iowa City. The campus and town sell themselves if the visit is made.

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