Satterfield to Choose Iowa

Abe Satterfield was supposed to visit Iowa this past weekend, but his mother took ill and he was unable to visit. That didn't seem to deter the young man, however, as he told Brian Finley of on Sunday that he's set to choose the Hawkeyes. Read quotes from the young man on Iowa, Ed Hinkel, and more in this premium update.

Abe Satterfield, a 6-foot-1-inch, 185 pound corner prospect out of Cathedral Prep in Erie, Pa. has decided it's time to become a Hawkeye.

Satterfield was set to visit Iowa City on August 11th and 12th, but was unable to make to Iowa City due to his mother becoming ill. Despite not being able to visit Iowa City, he's prepared to become a Hawkeye. Satterfield told on Sunday that he's planning to commit to the Hawkeyes in the next day or two.

"I do want to get this out of the way, right about now," Satterfield said when asked how long he was going to wait before making his decision.

Satterfield said it was the coaches, as well as the influence of his guidance counselor that helped him arrive at this decision.

"The Iowa coaches, they're nice and everything," Satterfield said. "I talk to my guidance counselor a lot, I have a really good relationship with him. He knows Coach O'Keefe and he told me that'd be a great school for me. … We talked about it, got to know [Iowa] a little better."

Satterfield attends the same school that produced Hawkeye greats Ed Hinkel and Bob Sanders, both currently with the Indianapolis Colts. Did the history of great Erie, Pa. players help sway Satterfield at all?

"I always watched them," he said. "My cousin played for Central, and Prep and Central are always going back and forth. I was wondering who these guys were. They were all-stars in Erie, then even when they went to college they were all-stars. I know their families too, real close with them."

Satterfield added he even keeps in contact with one of the former Hawkeyes.

"I talk to Ed [Hinkel] every once in a while on AOL Instant Messenger and stuff, see how he's doing out at the camp in Indianapolis," he said.

Satterfield said the second school on his list was Bowling Green.

"When I went to Bowling Green for a scrimmage, the coaches were really nice to me and stuff. I liked the campus a little bit, it was pretty nice to go see that," he said.

We'll check back in with Abe later this week for an update on how the Iowa coaches react to his decision.

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