Media Day: Paul Chaney

Paul Chaney, one of many speedy freshmen for the Iowa Hawkeyes, spoke with the media at Iowa's media day event. Read what he had to say about Iowa City so far in this premium transcript.

Q: You've only been on the job a couple days, do you have any quick impressions?

Paul Chaney: It's just a great atmosphere to play football in. I've been up here this whole summer, pretty much, working out, summer training. Just trying to better myself and try and get better and play with these guys out here. It's a great atmosphere for football. I'm just trying to get better, learn from guys that are already here.

Q: With your track background, people are probably going to expect some down-field stuff out of you. It's early, but where do you expect to play? Return game, have you been spoken to about it?

Chaney: I haven't been spoken to about it yet, but Coach emphasized that everybody starts on the special teams. That's a big aspect of our program here. If I can help in any way there, I just try and show what I can do with my speed, my moves, try and get out there. We want to win ball games this year, have a successful year.

Q: Talk to me a little bit about what it's like having to be secluded for the next two weeks. You go to practice, you go to the hotel, you eat, that's about it.

Chaney: Some people may think it's hell, but it's good. We focus on what we have to do to succeed and trying to get better as a team. The newcomers, people like me, we need it.

Q: Is it bonding? Is that what it's like, activities while you're at the hotel? Or just the guys in your room?

Chaney: We get a lot of downtime, a couple hours before we get room checks at the hotel. Everybody's vibing, trying to get that team unity, the atmosphere.

Q: Any PS2 getting played?

Chaney: Definitely.

Q: NCAA Football?

Chaney: Definitely.

Q: Are you on the roster?

Chaney: I don't think so.

Q: Had to create yourself?

Chaney: Yeah.

Q: What was the biggest thing, why you decided to come play for the Iowa Hawkeyes?

Chaney: Just the coaching staff, the great people, the atmosphere around it, the fan support, this is a great place to play college football.

Q: This summer, you've been here since June, is that about right? Working out with the best strength and conditioning coach in the world, have you gained weight? Better idea of what you should and shouldn't eat?

Chaney: Coach Doyle, he stays on us about nutrition. I gained a couple pounds.

Q: He's definitely not a guy you want to argue with.

Chaney: Yeah, definitely.

Q: What do you expect this season for the team?

Chaney: I'm just hoping we can be successful. We go out and play hard every game, see what happens.

Q: James Cleveland said Big Ten championship, what about you?

Chaney: Hopefully so.

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