Media Day: Herb Grigsby

Herb Grigsby spoke with the media at Iowa media day. Read what he has to say about taking on a new leadership role as a veteran wide receiver, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on the number of guys competing for WR spots)

Herb Grigsby: That's a good thing. Any time you've got depth there, it's more competition. These first days, you can see the competition. Guys are competing, guys are working extremely hard.

Q: Can you tell that Coach Erb is trying to work you guys to step it up once the Big Ten season rolls around?

Grigsby: You definitely know that's something the coaches look for. Who's going to step up, who's going to be the guy they count on?

Q: Last year you were thrown in there after the Hinkel thing. What's it like going through spring drills and things knowing you're one of the guys that should start?

Grigsby: You've just got to take on the leadership role. You can't say it's your time or not your time, knowing that the coaches are going to call upon you, you've got to be ready to go.

Q: Was that something they had to tell you or was that something they had to tell you?

Grigsby: It's something that you kind of know. You don't get involved in the depth charts too much, but when you see a guy go down, that's one spot that every guy steps up on the depth chart. You see that happen, you know that you might be the next guy called upon, you've got to be ready. The slogan, "Next man in" you've got to be ready.

Q: Hopefully, you won't have to use that slogan this year.

Grigsby: Hopefully not.

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