Media Day: Jason Manson

Jason Manson met with the media at Iowa Media Day. Read what he had to say on the Cy-Hawk rivalry, preparing for that game, learning the playbook fro a different perspective, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on the Cyclone billboard)

Jason Manson: They deserve it. They beat us last year, I guess they have the right. Until we beat them and take care of business, they've got the bragging rights.

Q: How did you respond after that game, as a team? They obviously dominated the game and knocked drew out, all that stuff.

Manson: It was an eye-opener. I think at the time we might have been 2-0.

Q: Top 10

Manson: We were feeling good about ourselves and maybe got a little complacent. It put things back in perspective, you've got to go out and earn it every week. You can't take any game for granted, we'll be ready.

Q: It's been said that they care more about the game that you do. Are you starting to take the game a little more to heart than the guys over there?

Manson: A little bit, maybe. We know what they can do, we've been back and forth with them the last few years. When it comes down to it, it's just that every Saturday you've got to prepare for the game. Might have a personal vendetta, but team-wise, it's just another game on the schedule.

Q: When I spoke with McCollom, he talked about the change to WR, and taking that a challenge to and do with it what you can.

Manson: Yeah, definitely. It's just another opportunity to get on the field. That's our goal, to help the team out in any way. It's just a way I can help out the team.

Q: In camp, has it been more toward WR or QB?

Manson: I've been doing more WR. Toward the end of practice, we have a developmental period, and I get back to QB in there, so I stay in touch with it.

Q: How are the other WRs looking this year, do you think they're ready to step in the way a lot of people think they'll need to?

Manson: Yeah. We've got a lot of guys working hard. It's still early in camp, but we had a good spring. Hopefully it just carries over by the end of this camp and we'll be ready to go this September.

Q: What do you think of the new guys coming in?

Manson: We've got a lot of nice young guys. They're competing every day, working hard, getting better. As long as they keep working hard, I think we'll be fine come September.

Q: Is it any different learning the playbook than from the QB's perspective?

Manson: It's pretty much the same. I know most of the system because I was a QB, that's definitely been an advantage for me. The hard thing is just going out and doing it.

Q: You look to me like this excites you a bit.

Manson: Definitely. It's an opportunity for me to help the team out. I'm looking forward to it.

Q: This could be an explosive team.

Manson: Yeah, it could be. Hopefully we are come September.

Q: What kind of things have to come together?

Manson: We just have to keep building our chemistry and getting our timing down, by the end of camp, we'll definitely have that.

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