Media Day: Tony Moeaki

Tony Moeaki talks with the media at Iowa Media Day. Listen to what he had to say about learning the offense, the competition at tight end, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: What are the battles like in practice for you guys?

Tony Moeaki: We all are working hard right now. We each get our different plays to run when we rotate in practice. We just compete with whoever's in front of us, whatever they did the day before.

Q: When you made your recruiting visit to Iowa, what made you want to come here?

Moeaki: I just liked how the coaches carry themselves, the players, obviously coach Ferentz is one of the best in the country. I just had a lot of respect for him. I just had a good feeling about it.

Q: For guys who all play the same position, you guys are a pretty wide array. Just talk about what a wide array of talent you guys have.

Moeaki: I think we all compliment each other and compliment the offense. Whatever it takes to win, just as a group, we're trying to help the offense move the ball.

Q: Last year, did you feel totally confident, that you had the playbook totally down, or were you just still feeling your way around out there?

Moeaki: I had the confidence with the plays, it was just when the crowds were big at the away games. When Drew would change the play, I couldn't hear. You have to know kind of pre-snap that he's going to change it. At the year went on, the coaches did a good job of teaching me, I started to get a hang of it.

Q: You've got a year under your belt, it just more comfortable to you coming into practice every day now?

Moeaki: I just feel like I'm more comfortable with the offense. Coach Johnson, Coach Ferentz, have really taught me the offense and stuff, so I'm more comfortable with it.

Q: You had the "Chicago 7", are you guys still sticking together off the field?

Moeaki: We're all good friends, I guess offense and defense kind of still hang out with each other, but we still hang out all together.

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