Media Day: Kyle Schlicher

Kyle Schlicher spoke with the Iowa Media about the transition from Kaeding to Schlicher, his off-season training regimen, and more. Read about it in this premium transcript.

Q: (On the importance of special teams)

Kyle Schlicher: It's huge every year, every aspect of it. Punt is, I would say, the most important. It's so intricate, there's so many different things going on at the same time, everyone has to be on the same page. We're just returning, we're just reloading. We had Greenway and Abdul leave, they were very important aspects of the team, we just reloaded. It'll play a huge role. It does every year, in every aspect.

Q: You had a great year last year, are you going to be a different kicker in any way? Stronger kicker? More accurate?

Schlicher: All of the above. That's what I train for. We as a unit, snapper, holder, kicker, that's what we strive for, perfection and stuff like that. As to point out a few things, basically it's just like golf, just fine-tine it. Your skills, they're already there, you just need to make the better. I was talking to Kaeding when he came back, I asked him what he needed to do during the off-season. He said he wanted to make everything more smooth. If you've seen Nate kick lately, it looks like it can't get any smoother. It's just fine details, fundamentals, that you need to fine-tune, stuff like that.

Q: How much of an impact did Kaeding have on your career?

Schlicher: Huge. It was the best decision I ever made, red shirting and sitting behind him for the two years. All I did during that time was study him, sit back and watch everything. I watched more film of him than I did of myself. It helps now, having him at the level higher than me. It gives me something to shoot for. I had Todd Sievers in high school to kind of look up to and set my standards that high. It's great having somebody like that to come back to and give me pointers and give me advice. It would be a lot different if we had a bad relationship while he was here, then he comes back, so I'm very fortunate that he does that, that he comes back and wants to kick with me and stuff.

Q: Is it intimidating at all to have to live up to his legacy?

Schlicher: It was, but I've been used to it. What he did, here, is what my goals are and stuff like that, what I expect out of myself. As far as filling his shoes, all those things that were said back when he left, none of that stuff really bothered me just because he kind of sent me out. He told me before he left that he felt comfortable enough for me to take over his role. That's just what I tried to do. I tried to make him happy as well as the team, help out and contribute.

Q: How do you want to go out with a senior and have Iowa fans remember you?

Schlicher: Just someone who gave 100% every time and prepared and did my best. The only expectations that I have for myself, those are obvious. Just being the best. Every person has their different opinions, I guess I really can't tell everybody what to think. I'm just going to set the best example that I can for the next kicker that comes in. Then maybe they'll base it upon that. I don't really know, it's hard to say. This is the year that determines it all.

Q: During the game, it's probably hard for you to stay fresh, you don't get to play every play, what do you during the game to stay warm, keep focused on the game?

Schlicher: I walk around a lot. I keep moving. How I was trained in high school was not to pay attention to the circumstance, the situations. Not pay attention to how far of a field goal I was kicking, just go out and nail it. Obviously during a cold game, we have the heaters, I stick close to those. Really, it's just constant movement and stretching and stuff like that. I have the kicking net where I'll take a few reps before I know I'm going in. I don't kick constantly, I don't do things constantly, usually it's on 2nd or 3rd down I'll start stretching out a bit, getting warmed up, kick a few into the net.

Q: You've got Donahue coming in as punter, but he's expressed interest in trying to kick as well. Has he come to you and have you guys touched base at all yet?

Schlicher: Not really. He's really just been focusing on punting, I'm sure the kicking part will come later. From what I've seen, I think he's a better punter than he is a kicker, but obviously things can change.

Q: If he were to come to you and ask for some tips, would you help him out?

Schlicher: Definitely, I'm open. That's something that we do as a team, help out each other. I'm sure every other position does the same thing. Guys switch pos9itions all the time, guys have a special talent, a special hidden talent. We have a few guys that are O-Linemen or Tight Ends that can snap too. After practice they'll come over and snap with us and learn a lot. Show off to the coaches their special hidden talent.

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