Open Practice Play by Play

For the fourth year in a row, charted the scrimmage during Iowa's Kids day and files this report from Kinnick. Find out who got the reps and who made the big plays in this premium rundown of the action.

I tried to do my best keeping play by play from Saturday's controlled scrimmage. Although the yardage might be a little off, you can get a sample of reps and big plays. Also, please keep in mind that this was a "controlled" scrimmage, meaning they coaches often set up various down and distance scenarios on which the team was working:

1. Dana Brown +2 run

2. Douglas drops pass from Manson

3. Brown +5 run

4. Holding call

5. Incomplete deep ball from Manson to Stross

6. Damien Sims +2 run

7. Sims +2 run

8. Sims +2

9. Jake Christensen hits Herb Grigsby for 25 yard gain

10. Christensen misses Grigsby deep

11. Jordan McLaughlin +4 run

12. Christensen misses Andy Brodell deep

13. Sam Brownlee for short gain

14. Christensen connects with Kennon Christian on 10-yard quick slant

15. Christensen fumbles on what looked like a reverse or fake reverse to Eric McCollom

16. Christensen fumbles snap – bad exchange from center

17. Christensen completes to Brandon Myers for +7

18. Brownlee +3 run

19. Sims +15 run

20. Manson completes +27 yard pass to Grigsby on crossing route

21. Brownlee +19 run

22. Manson completes to Brodell for +29

23. Sims 72-yard TD run brought back by holding

24. Brownlee + 10 run

25. Brown +4 run

26. Brown -3 run

27. Rick Stanzi completes +7 pass to Paul Chaney

28. Arvell Nelson incompletion

29. Brown +9 run

30. Nelson completes +8 pass to Chaney

First-team offense vs. First-team defense

31. Gavin McGrath sacks Christensen off of left edge

32. Christensen completes +6 to McCollom

33. Christensen completes +8 to Tony Moeaki

34. Christensen completes +20 to Manson

35. Christensen completes +39 to Grigsby

36. McGrath sacks Christensen

Second-team O (plus some other reserves vs. Second-Team D (Plus other reserves)

37. A.J. Edds records sack

38. Manson incomplete to Christian

39. Kenny Iwebema sacks Manson

40. Iwebema sacks Manson

First-team O vs. First-team D

41. Manson completes +24 pass to Dominique Douglas

42. McLaughlin +2 run

43. Mitch King/Ed Miles sack Christensen

44. Christensen overthrows Grigsby

45. Christensen scrambles for +6

46. Christensen completes +11 pass to Grigsby (Huge hit by Marcus Paschal)

47. Browlee +3 run

Second-Team (other reserves) vs. Second-Team (reserves)

48. Manson completion of +11 to Stross wiped out by illegal formation

49. Manson completes +33 pass to Douglas

50. Manson completes +19 pass to Myers (Big hit by Edds)

51. Manson completes +26 pass to Anthony Bowman

52. Iwebema sacks Manson

53. Manson incomplete deep pass to Douglas (pass interference flag on Ben Evans)

Third-team and Beyond O vs. Third-Team and beyond D

54. Nelson +19 pass to Stross

55. Justin Collins nails Brown for -1 run

56. Nelson incomplete to Brown

57. Eddie Williams -1 run

58. Stanzi incomplete

Please Note: When we say first-team O vs. first-team D, there are some guys missing. Tate and AY didn't take any reps in the scrimmage, etc.

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