McCoy Talks Leaders, Visits

Dallas, Tex. CB prospect Greg McCoy was scheduled to take an unofficial visit to Iowa City this weekend. Find out if he made it up to Iowa City, who his current leaders are, and what school has suddenly entered the race for this young man's services in this premium recruiting update.

Greg McCoy (5-10, 165, 4.5) was scheduled to visit Iowa City on Saturday for Iowa's open practice, but wasn't able to make it. McCoy said he wasn't able to visit because of a mix-up with a paycheck coming in the mail a day later than he expected. What's next for the 3-star safety prospect out of Dallas, Tex.?

"I'm going up to SMU right now," McCoy said.

"They have a scrimmage up there, so I'm going up for the scrimmage game and talk to a couple of coaches."

As of Saturday, McCoy said he had not been able to get in touch with the Iowa coaching staff to inform them he wasn't able to make it to Iowa City. He said he hopes to reschedule his visit soon, however.

"I'm not going to schedule anything until I know for a fact that everything is going to be alright," McCoy said. "If I schedule it, and tell someone I'll be there, and I don't end up coming, they'll probably end up thinking I'm making up excuses.

"I won't guarantee anything, but if everything goes as planned, I will be trying to get back [to Iowa City] before the season starts."

A new team has entered the picture for McCoy, the Kansas Jayhawks.

"I talked to the Kansas coach today, they've been sending letters and keeping in touch, I hadn't been paying too much attention to them," McCoy said. "They're looking pretty good, but I wouldn't guarantee anything as far as Kansas."

McCoy said Iowa and Kansas are his leaders, and he's still hoping for an offer from Oklahoma. What do those three schools have in common? The coaches.

"When you play football for a long time, you start to see the little things about the coach," McCoy said. "You can tell the character by the way they coach, if they're too cocky or if they put it all on the line, or put everything on one player's back. You can tell that about a coach.

"I really like the way they coach. When I talk to a coach, or the letters they send, or the slogans they have, everything about the things they do, they're doing something right."

McCoy said he hopes to make his decision soon, to focus on his senior season, but he reinforced the fact that he is not going to rush into a decision.

"I'm going to spending years of my life in one place, so I have to feel comfortable there," he said. "Whichever [school] I feel more comfortable at, I'll be going there."

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