Young: "I'm ready for the season."

Albert Young spoke with the media following Iowa's open practice on Saturday. Read what Iowa's starting RB had to say on not getting any contact in pre-season drills, the tempo of the team, what they need to work on, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Did you even work up a sweat today?

Albert Young: Yeah, I got some good 7-on-7 work today. I guess that was the whole plan, it's been like that all summer. Get a lot of work done during the week then lay off of contact drills when it comes scrimmage time.

Q: Have you taken any hits at all this camp?

Young: No.

Q: Are you OK with that?

Young: Yeah. If you know how to take a hit, you know how to take a hit. It doesn't matter if you get it during practice or not. I'll be in a groove really quick. There will be occasions during practice where somebody will slip up and tackle you.

Q: Will it take a while to get back in the groove carrying the ball and take the hit?

Young: No, because during practice, during 9-on-7 it is full speed, expect for they don't bring you down. Guys might bump you, but the speed is the same, it doesn't matter whether you tackle or not. We're at that tempo every day, the only difference is bringing the ball carrier down during scrimmages.

Q: Do you have a gauge of how you're doing during camp, without taking hits and things like that, getting contact. What is your gauge for a successful camp for yourself?

Young: Just where I'm running, my separation from defenders, how many balls I catch per practice, I just go out for that. I feel like I'm at the level where I need to be and that I'm ready for the season.

Q: How's the speed, I know a lot's been made of the speed coming back, do you feel it out there?

Young: Definitely. I don't like to talk about it, you'll just see. I'll be there.

Q: You haven't been hit in practice, ideally, you don't want to get hit all year, but are you looking forward to getting popped once, letting you know the season's finally here?

Young: No, I've been hit enough. (Laughs) No, but you know, you get back in the groove, getting back in the run, looking forward to that. I'm not looking for any big hit, trying to avoid them.

Q: You've been through this a couple times, but does it still surprise you when you came out today and say how many people were there to support you guys, just for a practice?

Young: Every time you're amazed by that. I wasn't shocked, really. How many people were out there?

Q: About 15,000, they said.

Young: I would have thought 20,000 would have been out there, with the people around here. It's just great support we always have here. Fans being excited for the season, we're excited to practice in front of them and perform for them. The fans definitely contribute to our tempo.

Q: Do you think the fans and the music might have been too much of a distraction? Coach said today's practice wasn't as intense as you guys have been playing the last few weeks.

Young: I don't know. Maybe guys could just be worn down from the grind of camp. We've been here for two weeks, that could have something to do with it. I'm sure Coach Ferentz hit it right on the nose. Maybe a little different atmosphere. It's good that we were able to perform and like Coach Ferentz called it a circus type atmosphere, that's a bit of how it is during a game. It was good for guys to get into the stadium, look at the press box, see what the stadium looks like now that we've got that out of the way. When it comes time for Montana, it wouldn't be like a shock to us playing in there.

Q: Are you excited to think about what a healthy Hawkeye offense is capable of?

Young: Yeah, that's all speculation though. I've been saying since the spring, we definitely have the ability out there, it's just a matter of us gelling. You guys saw it today during the scrimmage, we weren't gelling like we need to be. I'm definitely excited with the people we've got, but thank god we have a few more weeks until the game.

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