Open Practice: Mike Humpal Transcript

Mike Humpal spoke with the media following Iowa's open practice on Saturday. Read what he had to say on his injury, young linebackers coming up behind him, depth at his position, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: With you out, Chris Brevi is out, Julian Smith is gone.

Mike Humpal: We've had some guys coming in and out, that's with a lot of positions, it happens. When it happens all at once, it's definitely noticeable.

Q: You guys are close, you all play the same position, the same meetings. Is it hard when a guy goes ahead of a guy because of an injury? How do you guys handle that?

Humpal: It's an opportunity for the guy stepping up to get more practice, get better. They need to keep taking steps forward. The guys that aren't practicing, just stay focused and keep in tune with what's going on so when you get back in there you can go full-go and not miss a beat.

Q: You getting sick of an exercise bike?

Humpal: Yes, they're not fun.

Q: You going to go TO and wear a Lance Armstrong jersey?

Humpal: (laughs)

Q: Talk about Gavin McGrath, a guy who's been in the program, his 3rd year, he finally seems to have found a spot...

Humpal: Yeah, he's done well. Ever since he's been here he's done whatever the coaches have asked him to do. He's been real enthused about playing football and playing outside linebacker. He really understands the defense, he knows what's going on. He's just gotten a chance to show the coaches what he knows and what he can do. He's doing well.

Q: What separates #1 from #3 or #4 on the depth chart? Speed? Strength?

Humpal: Sometimes I guess it's a little bit of everything, maybe it's one or the other. You'd have to ask the coaches.

Q: Both Coach Parker and Coach Ferentz singled you out as a guy who's had a really strong camp. It probably makes you feel good, but does it add any pressure?

Humpal: No, you just keep playing the way you play football, that stuff takes care of itself. You can't really worry too much about that.

Q: What do you see as areas you need to improve on?

Humpal: Playing outside, you kind of see working on fine-tuning technique, hand placement, that sort of thing. Being aggressive with the tight end, pre-snap reads are always key, understand the tendencies and that sort of thing. That always helps.

Q: How much practice have you missed?

Humpal: I'm not supposed to talk about that.

Q: You can't talk about the injury?

Humpal: Nah.

Q: He said you will be ready soon?

Humpal: Yeah, I'll be ready soon.

Q: Is it going to hurt you at all to have missed several days of practice?

Humpal: Being around the program for as long as a guy my age, we understand what we need to do, not to say that missing practice is a good thing, but sometimes it humbles you and you sit back and start paying attention to things that you may not normally pay attention to. That may help you in the long run.

Q: The secondary has taken a couple hits here, Kenny's coming back slow after missing a week, is there any cause for concern on this defense?

Humpal: Oh, no. The coaches do a great job of getting us ready, by the first game we'll be ready to go and get after it.

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