Open Practice Q&A: Grigsby and Godfrey

Charles Godfrey is taking on a new position this year; cornerback. Herb Grigsby is taking on a new role this year; veteran with high expectations. caught up with both players after Saturday's open practice...

Q: How have things been going so far?

Charles Godfrey: Everything is going well. We are working every day to get better, but it takes some time. Today was an opportunity to go out there and see where I stand

Q: Where do you think you are at?

Godfrey: I am not there yet, and there are things I need to work on, big and little. I will keep on going at it day to day, practicing hard and getting better.

Q: What are you working on?

Godfrey: Footwork, breaks; I don't take anything I do for granted. I always want to get better. I am good at some things and some things I am not, so I have to keep on working.

Q: You seem comfortable jamming guys.

Godfrey: That is something that I think is big, because I am big and I need to use my size and speed. When I am playing up, I intend to keep him off the line.

Q: Do you prefer going against smaller or bigger receivers?

Godfrey: If I have a big guy, he is easier to jam. The smaller guys are harder to jam. Herb is the hardest to jam on this team.

Q: How has the wide receiving corps looked?

Godfrey: They are good. They work hard, they are fast and quick off the line. I have to use my feet to get ahead of them. They will be ready for the Montana game. Grigs Q: How has practice gone for you so far?

Herb Grigsby: It's a lot of competition, since day one. We still don't have a set group and we are all competing and that is a good thing.

Q: It sounds like Jason Manson has been doing well this year at receiver.

Grigsby: Jason Manson has been real impressive. We knew that he had the talent and he is out there showing it. I think he has great knowledge, and he has really good hands.

Q: Do you think you will pass more this year as a team?

Grigsby: I don't know if we will do that more this year. We have a lot of good running backs. I think we will be balanced.

Q: Last year drops seemed to be a problem for you. What did you do in the offseason to work on that?

Grigsby: It's a part of it. I tried to focus more on the ball and everything. We just need to give effort. You have to giving all out effort on each play. The plays will come if we go out there and bring the effort.

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