Week Three Big Ten Predictions

It's time for Jon Miller's Week Three picks from Big Ten Conference teams. There are some very interesting games in that third week, including Iowa State at Iowa, Michigan at Notre Dame and Michigan State at Pittsburgh. To date, Jon sees those teams as being undefeated. Will that be the case once Week Three is complete?

Week One Predictions
Week Two Predictions Syracuse at Illinois: Iowa might have softened up the Orangemen just enough for the Fighting Zookers to take advantage. I'll call for an Illini win in Champaign. ILLINOIS

Indiana vs Southern Illinois: I would love to go with my alma mater here, but SIU is a D1-AA school and even Indiana has more talent than they do, thanks to the 85 scholarships. INDIANA

Michigan at Notre Dame: Notre Dame's defense is suspect until they serve notice. Michigan's defense should be tougher this year. I think that Michigan's offense can take more advantage of ND's defense than the Fighting Irish ‘O' will to Michigan's ‘D'. I'll go with the upset in South Bend, with a Michigan win, which should move them into the Top 10, but the voters will still be drinking the Irish Kool Aid and have them ranked higher than Michigan on that Monday after the game. MICHIGAN

Michigan State at Pittsburgh: This is a game that Michigan State traditionally loses; more talent than the opponent, but somehow there will be a green and white implosion. It's gotta happen sometime, right? Even with Dave Wannstedt as the opposing coach? I don't feel good about this one. PITT

Minnesota vs Temple: Wisconsin beat Temple 65-0 last year. Even this year's watered down Minnesota offense will roll in week three. MINNESOTA

Northwestern vs Eastern Michigan: One good thing for Eastern Michigan playing back to back Big Ten opponents; they will be paid well. NORTHWESTERN

Ohio State vs Cincinnati: Every few years this is a real competitive game. This won't be one of those years. OHIO STATE

Penn State vs Youngstown State: YSU is a solid D1-AA team, but they will serve no match on the road against the Nittany Lions. PENN STATE

Purdue vs Ball State: The Big Ten and the MAC conference are like twin sisters that don't look alike; there are a lot of games between the two conferences this year. PURDUE

Wisconsin vs San Diego State: Chuck Long's Aztecs return eight starters on defense and their starting running backs and quarterback. The QB went for over 2600 last year. Though I think Wisconsin wins this one at home, it might be closer than the eventual line will be. WISCONSIN

Iowa vs Iowa State: If ISU can run on Iowa, the Hawks are in trouble. But I don't think that is going to happen this year, but the Cyclones could start five seniors, four of them being solid to very good. This will be Iowa's first major test, and fans should know after this game if the Hawks have the right stuff this year. A loss does not end the season, as we saw in 2002, but let's not live through that again. IOWA

Jon Miller's Predicted Big Ten Standings after Two Games

3-0 IOWA
3-0 Ohio State
3-0 Michigan
3-0 Wisconsin
3-0 Purdue
3-0 Northwestern
3-0 Indiana
2-1 Michigan State
2-1 Illinois
2-1 Minnesota
2-1 Penn State

Ohio State will still be #1, Michigan and Iowa will be knocking on the door of a Top 10 ranking. Wisconsin will be in the Top 25. Week Four's compelling games, as Big Ten play begins; Michigan at Wisconsin, MSU vs Notre Dame and Penn State at Ohio State. Remember, no Big Ten team will have a bye this season.

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