Montana Week: Mike Humpal

Mike Humpal met with the media on Tuesday to talk about returning from an injury, keeping sharp while on the sideline, the cohesiveness of the defense and more. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on being back)

Mike Humpal: It feels good to be practicing again.

Q: How have they caught you up?

Humpal: When you're not practicing you really have to focus on the finer things, the little details, watching film, understanding what to do, when to do it, that sort of thing, so when you do get out there, mentally, you're ready to go. You just need to catch your body up and get going that way.

Q: You talk about mentally preparing, is there ever a time where you have to maybe check yourself about doing too much?

Humpal: Not really, I guess. I've tried to be consistent as far as preparation since the first day I've gotten here. As far as doing too much right away, I wouldn't say that's the case.

Q: When did you get back to practice?

Humpal: I've been practicing for a while now.

Q: A couple weeks?

Humpal: Yeah.

Q: You're a 4th year junior, this is the first time your position has been yours. Are you anxious to get this going?

Humpal: It's like anything, I don't like to talk, just like the next guy, I'm ready to get going here and play some football, see what we can do, seeing where I'm at.

Q: Talk about the fluidity that goes with having everybody on the field practicing at the same time? You said you were a bit behind when you came back, how is the defense and how is that coming together?

Humpal: All summer, even this camp, each day we've been getting better. You can just see the progress, each day in film, everyone coming together, understanding.

Q: Have you seen film on (Montana)?

Humpal: Yeah

Q: I guess you can't see much film on their quarterback, but what have you heard?

Humpal: It appears on film that they like to spread things out and put the ball in the air and attack you that way, so we'll do what we can to stop it.

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