Montana Week: Scott Chandler

Scott Chandler talks about the development of Tony Moeaki, his thoughts on Montana, the lack of intensity in past September games and more. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on Tony Moeaki's progress)

Scott Chandler: He's a real athletic kid. His knowledge of the offense has just grown. Coming in last year, he didn't always know what he was doing every time, but now I think he's got that down and he's falling into his role pretty nicely.

Q: How much emphasis has been placed this year on starting September strong and maybe not having the missteps that you guys have had the last few years in the first month?

Chandler: Going into the year, you always want to start strong. You just try to take it a week at a time. You can't really focus on a certain month. We've been strong in October, in November the past couple years. I think that's pretty important too. I think this year, we know we need to start off strong. It's always something that gets the ball rolling.

Q: What have you seen them do, the coaches, to help you guys do that? Did he change anything this fall that you didn't see the first 3 years?

Chandler: I don't think anything has really changed. We know that we need to go out there and compete and play. That's something we haven't always done in September in the past. We need to go out and do it this year.

Q: How much is the right amount for you guys, if you only get to play a half, is that going to hurt you against Syracuse and the rest of September?

Chandler: No. I'll just leave that for the coaches. We just get in the best shape we can go out there and play when they tell us to.

Q: Have you hard more "September" talk this year from the coaches than you have in the past?

Chandler: I don't think so. They've always talked about starting strong and finishing strong. If you come out and play a game, you're not going to want to go out and lay an egg. We've always tried to come out strong, and it just hasn't happened for us in the past. I think that's something we'd like to have happen this year.

Q: Do you think September losses stick out in the fans minds? Maybe with you guys too, the last few years have been Iowa State or Ohio State.

Chandler: In the last couple years, that's been our only losses, a lot of the time. It sticks out because it's a loss. I don't think it matters when it is, if you have a loss, you don't want to have those.

Q: How tough is this team going to be for you guys? They're 1AA, but are they a formidable opponent?

Chandler: Yeah. I think they're a lot like UNI was last year. They're a team that can come out and compete. They have athletes, they've got guys that have transferred from division 1 schools. Guys that go to division 1AA schools sometimes just come from the wrong high school. They've got guys that can play, and they're definitely a team that we have to watch out for and prepare for.

Q: What do you know about Montana as a state as opposed to the football team?

Chandler: My aunt lives in Montana, been there 2 or 3 times in my life. I've been to Missoula, where the University of Montana is, quite a few times. I love it up there. It's awesome.

Q: No question who she's cheering for this week, right?

Chandler: Yeah.

Q: They're pretty fanatical out there about the Griz though.

Chandler: Yeah.

Q: I know you've probably been asked this, but in the last few weeks of practice, role-wise, especially coming into the opener, any more or less than you'd anticipated, what you thought it would be?

Chandler: I think the coaches give us a pretty good idea of what to expect. I know that I need to go out there and be a leader. I'm a senior, I'm a guy that's played a lot in the past. I need to go out and I need to be a leader, help bring the young guys along and show them the tempo.

Q: Not to get into numbers, but with regard to how many touches per game, what you need to do at any point in time in a particular ball-game, does it matter to you, or just whatever it takes?

Chandler: As long as we have more points than they do at the end of the game, I think that's the thing that matters the most.

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