Montana Week: Charles Godfrey

Charles Godfrey spoke about his transition from Safety to Corner, adjusting as a true freshman, the demands of the college game, and more. Read what he had to say in this premium transcript.

Q: How do you feel about the concern people seem to have about the cornerbacks?

Charles Godfrey: As far as starting, it's just another role I have to step into. Special teams last year, coming out I have to work hard at that. Being in, getting my feet wet. Now, I'm playing a major role on defense at the cornerback position. You're out there on an island by yourself. It's you, either you're going to make the play or give it up. It's a lot on me, but I'm up for the challenge, I'm ready for it.

Q: What about switching from safety to corner?

Godfrey: As far as the transition for safety to corner? As a safety, you're out there roaming, but as a corner you have to be on your toes every play. You're out there by yourself. Safety can kind of be slower, reading, you're the last man standing. At cornerback, you've got to be on your toes and ready for each and every play.

Q: When exactly did the coaches make the final decision on the switch?

Godfrey: Last year I was playing cornerback and safety at the same time, I was playing both of them. At the beginning of the summer, I guess, they made the decision that, "Charles, you're now a cornerback. Just concentrate on being a cornerback, not being at safety." I guess it was this summer.

Q: Do you feel like it's given you the ability to prepare better, focusing on one set of film as opposed to two?

Godfrey: Yes, a lot. I think that helps me out a lot. Just having to focus on cornerback instead of cornerback and safety, two positions, that's kind of hard. I was giving it my all to learn it. But I think it's better for me to focus in on being a cornerback, the technique you have to play as a cornerback, instead of trying to focus on both safety and cornerback at the same time. Yes, I do think it's better for me just to focus on being at cornerback.

Q: What did Bowman and Douglas show you at camp?

Godfrey: They showed me speed, quickness, ability to catch the ball. They're very good, I'm glad we brought those guys in. I think they can help us this year as far as playing receiver and catching the ball, making plays. They've shown me a lot.

Q: What kind of challenge is it for a guy coming in, 4 weeks before his first game, basically? You did it.

Godfrey: It's a challenge, mentally and physically. The mental part is coming in and learning the system, learning the plays, learning how to adjust as far as class and football. Physically, the wear and tear on your body as far as lifting weights and coming out here and practicing every day, then seeing if you can 60 snaps a game.

Q: Was there anything that surprised you that was more difficult than you anticipated?

Godfrey: As far as what?

Q: Playing as a true freshman.

Godfrey: The speed of the game surprised me. A lot of people said it would be a change in speed, but me, I'm thinking, "OK, it was fast in High School also." But it's really a change as far as the intensity as far as Kinnick Stadium and all the college stadiums. That's going to take a bit toll on you as far as the energy in the stadium.

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