Montana Postgame: Ettore Ewen

Ettore Ewen spoke with the media following Saturday's game. Read what he had to say about finally getting on the field, how his knee held up, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: You guys pretty much dominated right from the start.

Ettore Ewen: I think so. Everything we do with Coach Doyle during the summer, working constantly. We're all strong up front and move well. I think we used our athleticism today. It always comes back to playing your technique. For the most part, we've got to look at the tape, but I think for the most part, we were pretty solid, technically. We obviously have a lot of things to improve on as well. Just a combination of working hard in the off-season and paying attention to Coach Aiken, that's what helps us do well up front.

Q: Do you feel a little more confident now that you were able to just get some snaps? Does it help you not even worry about your knee any more?

Ewen: It does, definitely. I was real nervous last night and this morning, just thinking about it and wondering how my knee would hold up and how it felt. It felt great, didn't think about my knee whatsoever. It was nice to get the amount of snaps I got. Not just kind of ease in, but I felt like I got a decent amount of snaps. It was good to get in there and get some solid reps.

Q: Did that catch you a little off-guard? Kirk said they were going to try and take it easy on you. There in the 2nd half, you were in there quite a bit.

Ewen: In practice, I had been taking it easy for a bit. I think the last week of practice I felt like my knee was definitely feeling good, and I was progressing. I didn't anticipate getting as many snaps as I did, I wasn't sure about that, we hadn't really discussed it before. I was glad that the coaches were confident in me, that they could give me that many reps.

Q: There was a penalty called on a guy blocking you. Did you learn anything from the way he tackled you so you could tackle that way later on?

Ewen: He had pretty good form, got his hands inside and drove me to the ground. I don't know what else to say to that.

Q: What'd you think of all the new ambience out there?

Ewen: It was definitely good. I was a little worried about adjusting, I knew I could play, I knew I could practice. This is my first time in Kinnick besides the scrimmages. After that first snap, I felt like I was comfortable. The adjusting wasn't too big after that.

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