Montana Postgame: Albert Young

Albert Young spoke with the media following Saturday's win over Montana. Read what he had to say about the offense, the number of carries he got, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Did you feel like a workhorse out there?

Albert Young: That's how it's always been. I don't expect anything to change. I'm not sure how many carries I had today. I felt like it was a significant enough amount.

Q: 19 carries, 93 yards.

Young: I wouldn't say 19 is a workload. There's been games where I've touched the ball over 40 times, so 19, I don't consider that a heavy workload.

Q: It seemed like you really broke off and opened things up for the passing game.

Young: Yeah. The way they were stopping the run, we had to go to other outlets. The pass game was there for us, so we had to take it. Montana had a good game plan early. They were determined to take the run game away. They were throwing run blitzes at us, they did a good job.

Q: The way you practiced this week, did that seem to be the way you guys played today?

Young: It's difficult to tell. The first game of the season, there's always surprises. They're not sure what we're going to run, we're not sure what they're going to run. The things we went up against during practice and what they showed in the game we were successful against. Of course, they threw curveballs out there. At halftime, we adjusted. That's what happens in the first game, you don't know what to expect. We had a productive week. We definitely could have done better. That's just good offense, going along with the receiving.

Q: With that strategy, at the beginning of game, they were throwing 7, 8, 9 in the box. When your team decided to throw some short out routes, flat routes, did that open it up for you, or just a matter of attrition?

Young: What they were throwing at us was different with the blitzes, like you said, I'm sure you saw better than myself. I didn't see 9 men, but it felt like 9 men. That's something to pick up with the line as it goes on. They're pretty experienced, so I give them credit. They were determined to stop the run in the first half. They pretty much did, with just what they were throwing at us. You've got to take your hat off to them. We definitely have some more improving to do.

Q: 420 yards in the first game, that's not too bad for the total offense.

Young: Yeah, but we didn't do anything in first half. The final result, we're pleased with, just the numbers right there. We left a lot out there on the field.

Q: Did you ever feel any sort of nerves or anxiety with the fact that the third quarter was 17-7?

Young: No, not at all, we weren't worried about it.

Q: You just knew sooner or later...?

Young: Yeah, it was just a matter of us getting our act together, that's what it was. We weren't worried about it. We were like, "Oh, this game is closer than what I thought." But no, no panicking.

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