Montana Postgame: Austin Signor

Austin Signor spoke with the media following Saturday's victory over Montana. Read what he had to say on being the next man in, his plans for the future, and an update on Schlicher's injury in this premium transcript.

Q: First game, you can't ask for anything more?

Austin Signor: Just trying to step in and help out the team. Coach Ferentz stresses next man in, and I'm just trying to do my job the best I can.

Q: Any nerves out there?

Signor: I was really nervous when we went out to warm up early. We came out, the stadium was packed. I started feeling good and the nerves went away.

Q: Did you ever expect in your first game, you'd kick the football like that?

Signor: Like I said, I'm just trying to step in and be the next guy, just trying to do the best for the team.

Q: How would you rate your performance?

Signor: We won by a lot, so I think our whole team performed pretty good. Everyone executed well, that's how I'd rate it.

Q: Kickoffs, you kicked most of them into the end zone. Are you happy with that?

Signor: Yeah, I was pretty happy with that. I need to get them a little higher, but we'll work on that as the season goes.

Q: Did you ever expect to be playing this year?

Signor: Not really. There really wasn't a backup last year, and now I just got thrown in as the starter, kind of a big deal. If you'd asked me last year, I definitely would have said I wasn't playing.

Q: When did you find out?

Signor: Probably, I think, Wednesday or Tuesday this week, right before the game is when it really got decided.

Q: Schlicher's injury, how serious is it, and how long do you expect to be the starting kicker?

Signor: He should be back by Sunday, tomorrow or Tuesday. He'll be ready to go by Syracuse, I would imagine.

Q: It gives you some confidence that you can step in if something happens to him again.

Signor: Yeah, it was a good game today.

Q: Even for the future, this has to give you some confidence.

Signor: It feel good, but like I said, just trying to do my job out there for the team.

Q: You kick with a lot of confidence. Do you feel like you should have an opportunity?

Signor: Schlich is my "role model" in the kicking game. I'm just trying to make it all look the way he does it. I don't think I'm there yet. I'm kind of his apprentice, just trying to replicate what he's doing out there.

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