Montana Postgame: Bryan Mattison

Bryan Mattison spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Montana. Read what he had to say on the rotation on the DL, the return of Ettore Ewen, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on the rotation)

Bryan Mattison: I don't know if I like coming out, but it's needed. Nobody can play a whole game, especially those long drives. It's definitely nice having a little rotation going.

Q: How about the competition in practice to make you guys better up there.

Mattison: Competition makes the whole team better. Going against the offense, then the guys behind us. Everyone's just worked hard all summer. It's a good thing.

Q: Do you sense guys are playing in practice for playing time?

Mattison: Everyone on the team is trying to get some playing time. It's great, the guys behind us, they push us more while we push them more, that's just the way it goes.

Q: Do you expect to dominate all year like this up front?

Mattison: Yeah, you expect to win. We'd love to dominate like that all year, but like I said, we can definitely get better.

Q: Against the run, they got nothing.

Mattison: That's our #1 goal, to stop the run.

Q: Talk about you, personally, against the run. Especially the sacks you made there. That made a big deal in the game.

Mattison: That was one of the keys we wanted to get after today. I think as a group, we came across pretty well and just kept working hard.

Q: Were you pretty excited about how you played today? Were you sick up beating up guys trying to block you?

Mattison: You never get sick of that. That's our job, that's what we're supposed to do.

Q: Sick of beating up your own team?

Mattison: Oh, heck yeah. You get sick of hitting the same guys over and over all summer.

Q: Is this a first game as far as seeing many different looks?

Mattison: Definitely. They're a great team. They give us great competition today. We hope we can build on it from the tape and just get better.

Q: How do you think DL did? Overall?

Mattison: I think we did OK. We could definitely do better. We'll get to the film and hopefully improve.

Q: Plenty of things to build on?

Mattison: Oh yeah. It's good to come out and get the W, that was the #1 goal. There were positives and negatives, we just have to learn from both.

Q: What did you see, though? Any specifics that you saw and said, "Oh, we really did that well."?

Mattison: I don't know. Our coaches wanted us to pressure the quarterback more. I think we can pressure them more than we did today. It's a stepping stone. We started there, and hopefully we can build on it.

Q: You said you don't want to come off the field, but it's nice to have the rotation. Were you excited to just see Ettore Ewen get on the field after all he's gone through.

Mattison: That's great. Like I said, it'd be great to play every snap, that'd be really cool, but personally, I couldn't. To play every snap 110%, you can't do it. Having someone like Ettore and Kannellis, he started, but Bain, the whole slew of guys that come in for us, they do a great job. They prepare just as hard as we do, every meeting we're at. Someone said it's like the starting 7 or 8, and that's the truth. It's definitely a group of guys.

Q: Do you and your dad still talk football?

Mattison: Oh yeah. I talk to my dad every day. He'll call and ask how the game is, I'll talk to him after their game tonight.

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