Syracuse Week: Albert Young

Albert Young spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what Iowa's starting RB had to say about returning to New England, the possibility of playing for Syracuse, opening up the playbook, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: Now that you've had a weekend to see some other teams, do you catalogue other RBs on other teams?

Albert Young: Not necessarily. It's hard to do that, because we play one team, they're playing different competition and everyone's in a difference offense. I don't really try to look at those guys and see what they're doing. I'm just more of a fan on Saturdays, just watching everyone.

Q: Have you ever been in the Carrier Dome?

Young: No, I haven't.

Q: What do you hear about it, growing up out east? It's kind of a famous venue out there.

Young: I haven't necessarily heard a lot about it, but I've seen a lot of games in there. With basketball games and the football games, being from New Jersey we're exposed. I definitely knew some about the Carrier Dome.

Q: They're a pretty famous program, a lot of great athletes, Donovan McNabb, etc.

Young: And Harrison, and those guys. We know they've had some players out there before, and we're pretty sure they've got some players there right now, so we've got to keep a heads up.

Q: Do you know any of the guys on that team now, they recruit New Jersey pretty heavily.

Young: When I was coming out, they did. I don't know anybody on the team, currently. My high school teammate, we were both recruited by them. I don't currently know anybody on the team.

Q: What did you think about them, did you ever consider them seriously?

Young: Definitely. It was fairly close to home, so it was something I was considering. At the time, they had Astroturf, and I was joking around with somebody the other day. I can't really say much, I came here and tore my ACL, but at the time, they had Astroturf and that was definitely a red flag for a running back. I couldn't see myself playing on astro for 4 or 5 years.

Q: Then you kind of committed to Wisconsin, correct, then Iowa?

Young: Yeah.

Q: What was Coach Pasqualoni like?

Young: I didn't meet Coach Pasqualoni. I met (pause), I forgot his name. Obviously he's not there now. I was recruited by someone else. He recruited me pretty good, but nothing too intense. I just told them I wasn't really that interested in going there.

Q: Did your family ever say, "Geez, you'd be really close to home." or anything like that?

Young: Nah, they didn't really press that. They were just happy I was going to college.

Q: Did you ever meet Boeheim? It's Boeheim country, the basketball coach.

Young: Nah, I haven't met him. Basketball's real big up there, we all know that. He's pretty much the man up there.

Q: How nice was it to take some hits on Saturday?

Young: I don't know how nice it was. I'm still feeling kind of sore right now. It was good to get back in the groove. I said after the first couple series I got back in the swing of things. It was good to get back into the groove. After the first few carries, I got back in the groove and everything, mesh with the line and everything, the live experience. It felt good to get back into playing real football.

Q: What did you think about your performance, the team's offensive performance?

Young: At first, you guys saw, we started off fairly slow. I guess we're so used to scoring on the first possessions, so I guess if we don't do that, it's a slow drive. At first, it seemed like we were off to a slow start, but actually, when we watched the film, things were going well for us, for a first game. I think, as a team, we looked pretty good as an offense. When you look inside everything, there was definitely a lot of positives comi9ng out of the game.

Q: You mentioned that we didn't really see what this offense is capable of. What can we expect to see this weekend that kind of shows a little more?

Young: When I brought that up, it was more than we weren't at full strength with Herb and everyone being back. We had some young boys coming in, make sure those guys were going to be alright, so we couldn't get too crazy with everything. Those guys are a game older and Herb's back.

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