Howe's Pregame Notes

Rob Howe checks in with some final pregame notes before Iowa kicks off against Syracuse. Read more about Herb Grigsby and Kenny Iwebema's punishments, improvement by Jake Christensen and much more in this Friday night notes package.

We may never find out for sure what was the penance paid by Iowa's Herb Grigsby and Kenny Iwebema for the transgressions that caused them to be suspended for last week's season-opening, 41-7 victory against Montana.

Neither would reveal the punishment handed down by coach Kirk Ferentz.

"It's his discipline," Iwebema said. "I'm not going any farther than that. Obviously, you're going to do what you have to do. I did what I had to do. Now, we're just moving on."

Some punishments that have trickled out of the football complex include locker room and stadium clean-up and some intense conditioning from Chris Doyle.

"He's fair," Grigsby said of Ferentz. "That's all you can say. What you get, you deserve. You've just got to take it and move on with it when it happens."

Ferentz said on Tuesday that the players had, for the most part, fulfilled their obligations in terms of punishment. They said they had learned their lesson.

"It's a huge part," Iwebema said of Ferentz‘s actions. "That's his discipline. I don't even know how to explain it. He told me what I had to do and I did it. I'm still doing some of it."

Said Grigsby: "It's a punishment and it got the point across."

Need for Speed: Backup quarterback Jake Christensen helped engineer a touchdown drive late in the Montana win. It represented his first game action in his college career.

Christensen said he felt ready to play significant minutes if called upon this season, and he's been preparing by trying to increase his reaction speed and decision-making skills.

"We've been working on making quick reads and getting off guys; dumping the ball down when I have to," he said. "Everything has to happen faster."

Christensen must pick up things quick, now that the season has kicked off. He gets the game plan on Tuesday. He learns the installation of it on Tuesday and Wednesday and refines it on Thursday. That's about it in terms of on field work.

"It goes by pretty quick," Christensen said. "You have to get in and watch film on your free time. You've got to prepare pretty quick. There's not a lot of time to blink."

Job Security: Grigsby and Iwebema sat in the student section last week. Grigsby caught a nice view of a pair of true freshmen helping out the receiving corps in his absence.

Dominique Douglas and Anthony Bowman each looked impressive in his debut, with the former catching a touchdown pass.

"Every since they've arrived, they've been impressive," Grigsby said. "They just showed what they could do. We've seen it all camp. Everybody on the team knew what they could do."

Grigsby was expected to lead the receiving group this season after gaining valuable experience a year ago.

Quick Hitters: Ferentz said the false start call on Mike Jones against Montana was caused by a slow snap…Syracuse has posted a winning record in the Dome, which opened in ‘80, in all but two seasons (‘82 & ‘05)…The Orangemen have lost three of their last four home openers…Gary Thorne and Andre Ware will call Saturday's action for ABC…

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