Syracuse Postgame: Herb Grigsby

Herb Grigsby spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's overtime victory against Syracuse. Read what he had to say bout the mindset coming into a game without your starting quarterback, confidence in Jason Manson, and more in this premium transcript.

Herb Grigsby

What did it feel like to get back out there again?

Anxious. I mean I started a week later than everybody else. When you get back out there, it‘s kind of like the first day of school. It was nice to get out there.

It seemed like you guys had a tough time getting in the flow offensively. What were they doing defensively to get you guys out of your rhythm?

Coming out, we had made a couple of mistakes. We had a new quarterback in. I mean, as an offense, you have that cohesiveness. We had to adjust. They played a good game. You have to tip your hat to Syracuse. They played a real good game.

It‘s a team that has won one game in the last two years, yet they take you guys to overtime. People around the country will probably be surprised by that. Were you?

All week long we had been talking about how hungry this team was. Yeah, they hadn‘t won a game in over 10 games, but it‘s their home opener. They had a great crowd out there. It got real hostile for a point there. They played a real good game, and in college football you have to expect that.

How do you feel Jason handled himself? It was a tough environment to make your first start.

Oh yeah, it‘s a very tough environment. But the way they he showed his composure, he never got down. Everybody was behind him as a unit.

How was he in the huddle? Was he calm and collected?

Yeah, as far as handling the huddle and the line of scrimmage, he did a great job. Some of the plays we didn‘t make.

What was the mindset of the players coming in here knowing Drew wasn‘t going to be in there?

Any time, you‘re missing a guy at an important position like quarterback, it‘s going to be a little bit different. And that‘s what we expected. It was a little bit different. We obviously knew that Jay could get the job done. We came out here and we got the job done.

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