Syracuse Postgame: Marcus Paschal

Marcus Paschal spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's double-overtime victory against Syracuse. Read what Iowa's safety had to say about pass interference calls, the absence of Drew Tate, and much more in this premium transcript.

Marcus Paschal

How do you feel?

Toughness got us through it. Everybody had to dig deep and rely on the person next to you. We got it done.

Can you take us through that last play?

Everybody dug deep and we made it happen. The D-line got a push in the middle. The DBs on the outside came and closed in. Luckily the closed it down.

What about the pass interference calls?

A couple of them were up in the air, but you have those types of calls in games like this. You‘re not at home. We‘re on their turf. You‘re not always going to get the bounces and calls. You have to go on to the next play.

Have you ever been in a game like this?

Nah. This today was a hard-fought game. Today we came in and the coaches said we had to be ready to play 60 minutes. We played more than 60 minutes today.

What did Drew‘s absence mean to the overall mood of the team?

Defensive wise, I don‘t think it really affected us. We had to do things that we had to do. I couldn‘t tell you what they were thinking on the other side of the ball.

Did it put more pressure on you knowing the offense might struggle with Drew out?

We don‘t think about pressure. We just come out and play football. The rest will take care of itself.

What did say about your team?

That we‘re going to work hard to the last minute, to the last play. We came through. A lot of people was probably counting us out, but we kept working hard and we pulled it out.

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