Rob Report: Iowa State

Our weekly postgame feature gives subscribers a view from the press box as Senior Writer Rob Howe offers his take on the day's action. In this edition, we look at the players that dressed out (including the true freshmen), who made key plays that were under the radar, who got nicked up, and much more in this week's package.

All Dressed Up: Iowa players in uniform for Saturday's Iowa State game:

QB - Tate, Nelson, Manson, Farnsworth, Stanzi.

ST - Schlicher, Donahue, Huntrods, Fenstermaker, Murray, Signor, Olsztra.

TE - Blum, Sabers, Majerus, Moeaki, Chandler, Myers, Amendola.

RB - Williams, Brown, C. Davis, Sims, Greene, McLaughlin, Young, Brownlee, Busch.

WR - Brodell, Grigsby, Douglas, Chaney, Stross, Bowman, Christian, Johnson-Koulianos, O'Meara, Gerstandt.

OL - Elgin, Yanda, Jones, Eubanks, Richardson, Olsen, Narinskiy, Dunn, Doering, Aeschliman, Meade, Calloway, Kuempel, Vandevelde, Koeppel, Ryther,

DL - Iwebema, Mattison, Kroul, King, Cox, Jackson, Collins, Kanellis, Oberland, McCracken, Ewen, Klug, Bain, Geary.

LB - Miles, Klinkenborg, Humpal, Gattas, Angerer, Gabelmann, Hunter, Johnson, Petersen, Edds, Travers.

DB - Shada, Moylan, Tarpinian, Dalton, Wilson, Godfrey, Edwards, Gardner, Spievey, Tillison, Evans, Smith,

Please note, it's a lot tougher to see players from the new press box. I think I got just about everybody, but might have missed a few. I think there was a No. 20 whose name I could not make out.

Keeping Them Honest: Iowa State tried to go the well that helped Syracuse and Montana play defense against Iowa – load the box and stop the run. The Hawkeyes countered by throwing the ball and overlaying receiving routes.

This tactic proved very effective when Albert Young or Scott Chandler ran underneath or over top of a wideout's route. It forced the ISU safety into make a choice and Drew Tate most often threw the ball where it needed to go.

Crushing Blow: Marshal Yanda absolutely decleated ISU end Rashawn Parker on a double reverse in the fourth quarter. Parker lay motionless on the field for several minutes before getting to his feet and staggering to the sideline.

Looking at Yanda, he appeared shaken while Parker was on the ground. A few of his Iowa teammates came over to tell him that it was all right.

ISU Coach Dan McCarney said in the postgame that Parker had a headache but would be OK.

Adjustments: The Iowa defense was getting burned time and time again by Brett Myer's ability to run the draw play. The junior totaled 61 yards on 10 carries before halftime.

Iowa countered that strategy by keeping a linebacker in the middle of the field to guard against the draw. Meyer managed just 18 yards on five carries after the intermission.

Getting Caught: Some folks wanted to jump on Devan Moylan after Todd Blythe went over top of him for ISU's first TD. Well, Iowa got caught blitzing on that play, leaving Moylan in man coverage on one of the country's best receivers.

Iowa blitzed more today then you'll see most weeks. The Hawkeyes occasionally sent a linebacker (usually Klinkenborg) and sometimes followed it up with a d-back.

Overall, Moylan played a good game with eight tackles and some hard hits.

Injuries: It was good sign that Iowa won with out the QB of their secondary, Marcus Paschal, who missed the contest with an arm injury. Paschal status for next week at Illinois probably won't be determined until he practices this week.

A few other guys looked banged up in the postgame presser. Brodell had ice on his shoulder, and Albert Young broke a blood vessel on his hand that required ice.

As for Drew Tate, he looked fine and showed off some running skills on Saturday. We'll see how he feels the day after.

Iwebema and Fletcher left during various times in Saturday's game with knee injuries, but both returned. Tom Busch appeared to be getting over the back injury.

Crunch Time: After allowing ISU to convert on 5 of 7 third-down opportunities in the first half, Iowa gave up just one in six second-half tries.

Humpal sniffed out a Meyer option for a stuff in the third quarter, and Kroul and Mattison pressure the Cyclone QB into an incompletion late in that period.

In the fourth quarter, Humpal broke up a pass early in the period before Merrick almost picked off a third-down pass attempt a few minutes later.

Quick Hitters: Iwebema and King delivered a key play midway through the second quarter when they pressured Meyer before ISU missed a 45-yard field goal attempt…Tate checked to the bubble screen midway through the fourth quarter on a 25-yard gain to Brodell…Ferentz tied Forest Evashevski for second on the all-time Iowa coaching win list with his 52nd today…Douglas became the first two freshman to start at Iowa since Mike Jones in 2003…Brodell returned three punts for 61 yards…Godfrey tied a career-high with eight tackles (all solo)…Brodell, Moeaki and Busch all caught their first touchdowns in their careers. It was the first time Brodell and Moeaki hit paydirt. Busch ran on in as a freshman.

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