ISU Postgame: Kirk on the Side Transcript

Kirk Ferentz spoke to the media following Saturday's victory over Iowa State. Read what he had to say on Drew Tate's injury, Marcus Paschal's condition, the Cyclone Billboard making an appearance in Iowa City, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on Drew's reaction to not playing)

Kirk Ferentz: That's just how Drew's built, which is why he's such a good player. He loves to compete. From day 1, I knew when he showed up here, I knew that's how he's built. That's one reason I didn't ask him, I already know. If we'd given the green light, he would have been out there. Sometimes you've got to bite the bullet. That's why we're adults. That's our job to make that decision.

Q: QB is more of a parental game there.

Ferentz: Yeah. I don't do a lot of massaging, ego massaging. Ken is the QB coach as well as the coordinator. He does most of the daily conversations. It's my job to deliver bad news, sometimes good news, but it's my job to deliver bad news, I've always believed that. Again, I don't worry. I think all the guys know they can come see me. They can say whatever they want in my office and that's where it stays. I think we all have a pretty good relationship. If I feel like I need to get involved, I will. I explained what our thinking was. I know he didn't like it, but he accepted it. We just moved on, and hopefully when they season's over he'll say that was a good decision. We all hope it pans out that way.

Q: What was the one thing that Norm got across to his guys going out into the second half?

Ferentz: Whatever it was, it took a while to sink in, cause they took it right back down. I don't mind telling you, I was a little worried after that. Number one, they were doing a great job up front. Iowa State does a great job up front, they're veteran up front. They did a good job up there. Hicks is running hard like you'd expect. With Meyer running the ball, that causes some problems. The other thing, it just seemed to us, that we didn't have the snap up front that you need to have. Then it seemed like when the ball was coming out we had too many guys watching instead of trying to get to the ball and do something about it. We just picked up our tempo a little bit. It was good to see. I thought our defense grew there in that second half against a very good offensive football team.

Q: The injury to Drew, is that something you've got to monitor week by week?

Ferentz: Hopefully not. We'll know more tomorrow, if he's sore. I'm sure he's going to be a little bit sore. One of the best things that happened last week was after he worked out, he'd come in the next morning, the trainers put him through a workout. Not just come in and put a hot pack on it. They'd work him out to see if he's flexible and all that stuff, experiencing any pain. With a little bit of luck, he's going to be pretty good tomorrow. Hopefully we just keep climbing the ladder each week, and we're out of the woods.

Q: Did Marcus get hurt on the shot he made in the 3rd quarter?

Ferentz: Yeah, he kept playing. He came in the next day and just didn't have strength. That's kind of how those things work, you get a stringer and then it's just a matter of when the thing regenerates. As I understand it, I'm certainly not an expert, but there's not a whole lot they can do to kick-start it or anything like that. His body is going to tell him when he can go again. Give him a strength test.

Q: He's day-to-day?

Ferentz: Yeah, we're hoping next week. I can't answer, I don't know.

Q: Talk about the days today for Brodell, Moeaki.

Ferentz: Huge. That was a great call by Ken, on 3rd and 1. I always tease our guys, Reese suggested that a year ago. I said, "I love high school plays." Cause it's a high school play kind of. You've got everybody down there, we throw it over the top. It was a big big play for us. That should give him some confidence, Tony, the confidence. I thought Andy just overall today, he took a major step in growth. It was so good to see, especially on special teams. He'd be, I don't know, kind of not there, then boom, today. Lester called that one yesterday. I was fishing around a little, fishing around on that. He said, "I think he's close." That's why I keep my mouth shut and listen to the guys that are around them. They know.

Q: I hate to beat this billboard thing.

Ferentz: What billboard?

Q: There, you did it again.

Ferentz: There's a billboard?

Q: The players hinted around that it made an appearance down here, maybe a facsimile of it or something.

Ferentz: I'll just go on record as saying, "I never said a word about a billboard." You guys know I don't lie. I never said a word about any billboard. And I didn't.

Q: Did you hand out a piece of paper?

Ferentz: I never said a word. (Big Laughs)

Q: That's what I thought. Is there going to be one in Ankeny next year?

Ferentz: No, absolutely not.

Q: Anywhere in central Iowa?

Ferentz: No. I saw a volleyball billboard today. I did see something today. On the left side, coming south, very nice. Very attractive. Iowa volleyball. Black and gold, very sharp. It was great. I like our graphics.

Q: I know you talked about this up there, is it kind of appropriate that Mike carries the trophy off? I don't even know if he was even conscious at that point.

Ferentz: He probably isn't, or wasn't. This is a week he'll remember, obviously he'll remember the week for his life, he'll remember this game a long time too. It'll be a real special memory for him.

Q: I hate to ask such a personal question, but you've been through the same circumstance a few seasons ago. Is there anything you were able to say to him or did he seek you out at all?

Ferentz: We talked during the week, certainly. On Sunday, a guy walks into your office, you can tell something's really wrong. The only thing I can say to console him, and did say, I said it earlier, his dad's had a great full life. All any parent can ask for is to be proud of his children. Mike's more than taken care of that duty. He's given his parents tremendous pleasure, I know they're extremely proud of it, rightfully so. He's done his part, and his dad will continue to watch him. It's a tough situation. It's a close family, a real close family, a strong family.

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