ISU Postgame: Albert Young Transcript

Albert Young spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Iowa State. Read what he had to say about the intensity of this rivalry, the cyclone billboard in the Iowa Football Complex, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: You seemed to be taking this game on, heightening it maybe more than anyone else in the locker room. What does it mean to you to win?

Albert Young: It means a great deal. You always want to form a strong front when you're going into a game like this. Especially I just felt like it was necessary to let people know that this was a big game. You know the personality of our team. We're not really outspoken, but I felt that it was time to say, "Hey, this is a big game." Even Coach Ferentz himself came out, that's into usually what we do. You've been around for a while. Just good that we took it that way. Its better that they took the board down before we had to go to take it down. It feels great right now.

Q: Truthfully, did that piss you guys off?

Young: Yeah. I'll give you this. One thing I see their coach said that was right, when the ball's kicked off, it doesn't matter. It's something that you can definitely feed off. Everywhere we walked around the complex, you couldn't walk without seeing that ugly thing. They had pictures of it everywhere, in our lockers. You go to the bathroom, it's right in front of your face. (Laughs) Everywhere we went, we saw that sign. I'm not from here, but before I came here I thought Iowa was called the Hawkeye State. Is that right?

Q: Yeah.

Young: Ok.

Q: How does it feel going into Big Ten play?

Young: It feels good. We're getting better. Early we hurt ourselves, we were still in the game. It was good to play a team like Iowa State before we get into Big Ten play, because they gave us a good battle.

Q: It seemed like Ken had a really good plan.

Young: Oh yeah. Coach O'Keefe always has a good plan, it's just that we'll go out and mess it up for ourselves. All of us are guilty of it, we all make penalties, we'll do good, back it up 15, that messed up everything. Whether Coach O'Keefe has a good plan, that's not a question.

Q: What do you think that drive before half did for you?

Young: Showed us how quick we could score if we actually, you know, said, "Hey guys, get your stuff together."

Q: What about the D in the second half?

Young: Those guys get stronger as the game goes. Those guys have a spread offense, that's what teams have been doing to us lately. I don't necessarily think doing it to us, a lot of teams we play do run the spread, so our team, we have experience with it.

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