ISU Postgame: Andy Brodell Transcript

Andy Brodell spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Iowa State. Read what he had to say about the importance of this win, supporting his teammates, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: How much did this win mean to the team?

Andy Brodell: It meant a lot for our program. We had to deal with that for a year. Obviously it's bragging rights for another year. We came out with the right intensity. We kind of came out a little slow, but in the 2nd half we matched their intensity and got the job done.

Q: It seemed like in the second half the receivers started to get a bit more active.

Brodell: Yeah. That's one thing, with Calvin going down, the receivers were going to have to play a big role, we're going to be counted on to make some plays, we were able to do that today. With Drew back there, we all know he's going to find us eventually, and he did in the second half.

Q: How about the performance of the Ankeny kids, you and Schlicher?

Brodell: It's kind of a nice thing to have a couple guys on the team that are from Ankeny, it's always a nice thing. Schlicher made the big field goal at the end, and that's what he had to do. I was able to get into the endzone, make a couple grabs, some good punt returns, so it's always good to have some success from the same place.

Q: How emotional was this week for you guys? Klinkenborg, Calvin Davis, all that stuff.

Brodell: It was emotional, it was in the locker room afterwards. We were all glad to get the win for those guys. Calvin has just had a bad run of injuries, it's just another one of those things for him, we all feel bad for him, especially as receivers. We felt like we needed to pick it up today, and I think we did that. For Mike, we all feel for him, he's a great guy.

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