ISU Postgame: Tom Busch Transcript

Tom Busch spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's win over Iowa State. Read what he has to say on a new pregame tradition, coming back from his injury, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on touching the helmet on the Kinnick statue as they enter the stadium.)

Tom Busch: We want to honor him in doing this.

Q: Do you think maybe it's something for luck, too?

Busch: I couldn't tell ya. It's definitely a tradition that we want to start. We'll keep doing that.

Q: You started it this game? This was the first game?

Busch: Yes.

Q: You didn't do it with the Montana game?

Busch: No, we didn't.

Q: Where was the helmet at?

Busch: As you're looking at it, it's on the lower right. He's not holding it.

Q: Whose idea was that?

Busch: I think Coach Ferentz. I believe so.

Q: What did it mean to you to get a touchdown in such a big game like this? When it happened, too.

Busch: It was nice. It was nice. It's such a great rivalry and Iowa State always comes ready to play against us. My hat goes off to them, they were really fired up about it, they played a really solid game. It was nice. I think that our team showed a lot of character in the second half. I'm really proud of the guys.

Q: Coming back from the injury, how long did it take to get back into the flow of playing every down?

Busch: You mean my ribs?

Q: Yeah. I know you were still limited in the Syracuse game.

Busch: Yeah, I was. It's like a muscular thing. It took a couple days of resting it, really. You really have to rest it, I think that Coach Jackson and Coach Ferentz, along with our trainers were really smart about that. They got me on the field even quicker.

Q: Did you and Drew pretty much have the same thing, a strain in the side, or was yours more of an intercostal?

Busch: It was intercostal. You mean compared to Drew? I'm not really even sure what he has.

Q: Neither are we. (Laughs)

Busch: Mine was on a punt coverage. I got clipped, and my body kind of jerked around really hard. This was against Montana. My body kind of jerked around really hard, however you want to say it, strained the intercostal muscles between the ribs.

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