Illinois Postgame: Fenstermaker Transcript

Iowa Punter Andy Fenstermaker had a busy day during the Hawkeyes' 24-7 win against Illinois in Champaign on Saturday. He talks about it in this premium Q&A transcript.

It seemed like you guys had a good day on special teams.

The coaches do a good job of coaching us up on special teams each week. It‘s a force here at Iowa. The coverage team did a great job today. I had great protection all day; great coverage. It made my job 10 times easier.

On a day like today when the offense struggles, your importance is 10-fold?

Yeah, like I said, we‘re trying to make special teams an advantage here. Everyone on the team is trying to do their part. My job is to go out there and punt the ball. Like I said, with the coverage team doing such a great job, from the gunners to the snaps to the protection. That makes my job that much easier.

Is it hard to judge your season on yards per punt? You‘ve been in a lot of situation this year when you‘re near midfield and trying to get the ball inside the 20.

You know, the average is a little deceiving. But everyone here, you know, we‘re just trying to help the team out. If I‘m called on to try to pooch a punt, I‘m going to try my best. The coverage guys are going to get down there. The protection is going to be excellent. But I‘m sure the offense doesn‘t like it being third and long. Unfortunately, I have to go out and pooch punt, but that‘s part of it. I‘m going to try to do my best

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