Illinois Postgame: Ryan Bain Transcript

Ryan Bain spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Illinois. Listen to what he had to say in this premium audio update.

Q: (A question on Alex Kanellis)

Ryan Bain: I honestly couldn't tell you what happened, I'm not his roommate. I couldn't even tell you if he's going to be back or if he'll be back tomorrow. I know he went to the hospital. I don't even know if he got to see the game or anything.

Q: The coaches told you guys then, on your way over, what happened?

Bain: Coaches didn't say anything to me. I knew Alex was gone. I went up to them and asked about it. I had moved to end for a little bit. He's just like, "Yeah, we don't need to make anybody nervous or anything like that." I just figured it out. No one really talked about it. I couldn't tell you any more about it.

Q: What that Coach Aiken that said he didn't want to make anybody nervous?

Bain: Yeah.

Q: How do you approach playing both tackle and end in a game when you're moving in and out?

Bain: I think the toughest thing is just learning that playing is playing. Tackle and end are different. In our scheme, it's kind of the same depending on where you're at sometimes. The crash end is a different position, I don't know, it's tough to learn, but people have done it before.

Q: Big game for you, being back here in Illinois, friends, stuff like that?

Bain: I'm not big into worry about the tickets and things like that. I just kind of let it go. I didn't try to help out any of my friends. I know some of them wanted to go. I just don't worry about that type of thing. It's fun, I know some of the guys playing for Illinois, I know a lot of them by name, just meeting them, playing against them in high school. It's fun, but it's just another game. I look at every game the same, and I think everyone else does too.

Q: Next week is just another game?

Bain: Naturally you'll be more jacked up for it. That goes without saying. This is a huge game. I think they're #1 still by mostly everybody. It's Big Ten play, that's what matters the most right now. We're going to go out and get a win, we know it's going to be a tough one. It's pretty exciting.

Q: Will the night game be odd, sitting and waiting all day? You don't play a lot of night games, but Ohio State does. Will that be tough at all?

Bain: I know last year, I think even Syracuse, I think Syracuse was a little later in the day. Going to these games a little later in the day, last year we had a couple of those. We handled it pretty well. We just hang out, hang loose. We get to sleep in a little later, I'm looking forward to that.

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