Hawks Close to Starting OL Class of 2003?

A new name that popped up this summer for Hawk fans is Haitian native, 6'7 270 OL Gosder Cherilus. Gosder is a talent many schools wish they had discovered earlier in the recruiting process. The Hawkeyes were one of the first schools to jump on the bandwagon and now are wishing that some very good news could be arriving soon!

It was this summer's Hawkeye football camp when Gosder Cherilus arrived to the scene. It did not take long for the Hawkeyes to realize that Gosder may be the best-kept secret at the offensive line position in the country.

"Everything was great at Iowa. I loved the camp. It was the best camp I went to and I received the best coaching. Everything was just great about Iowa. It is a great place and the people were all great."

There has been a variety of reports on when Gosder plans to make his decision, ranging from before the season to after the season. Gosder seems to have his decision making process pretty thought out.

"Iowa and Boston College are my two top schools right now, and it is basically down to those two. I've gotten a lot of interest and offers, and all the schools have recruited me very well. It is tough enough to make a decision, and I wanted it to be down to my favorite schools. Nobody was better than Iowa and Boston College is my local school."

So what will be deciding factors in Gosder's decision?

"I've still got to get some more answers before I decide. My father returns from vacation shortly, and I will sit down with my coach and he to make my decision."

"I want to make sure I know what type of school I'll be getting into, and how prepared I will be for the next level. I want to know that I can look at the coaches like a father and that I will be able to deal with concerning any issue."

Gosder is fully qualified with a 3.0 GPA and 980 SAT score. Now, all he has left to do is make his decision and prepare himself for his senior season of football. Just exactly how much love is there for the Hawkeyes in Somerville, MA? Gosder is not the only one sharing the love.

"My coaches think the world of Iowa right now. There is all sorts of love for Iowa with my coaches, especially Coach Curtatone because he came out to the camp with me."

Gosder has also found other sources of motivation coming from his native country, Haiti.

"I had a very good buddy that just made the wrong steps and is now going in the wrong direction. He chose not to go to school, and that helps me know that I need to make it. I just want to go where I can be helped as much as possible to get to the next level."

Coach Ferentz and staff would love the chance to help Gosder attain his goals of making the next level. Now, Gosder will have to establish his priorities. Will distance from home be a factor? Certainly he must determine which staff will better prepare him for college competition and possibly the NFL. The Iowa staff excels in offensive line development. How can Cherilous not realize that and matriculate in Iowa City?

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