OSU Week: Albert Young Transcript

Albert Young spoke with the media on Tuesday at Iowa's weekly press conference. Read what Iowa's RB had to say about preparing for a night game, wake up calls, changes in game day routine, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: Does a week like this demand any more of your time? The extra interview requests, any more time put into film?

Albert Young: No, not really. We had interviews yesterday. We usually do everything on Tuesdays. Aside from that, not with film and everything. They've only played so many games. You can only watch so much film, unless you want to go way back. It doesn't really demand any more time.

Q: Is it maybe another hour of your week that's dedicated to football that wouldn't be in a regular week?

Young: Yeah. Something like that, it doesn't really change. You don't want to that to happen. You don't want to get out of your routine.

Q: What kind of a game do you think you guys will need to play on Saturday night to be in this game and have a chance to win it?

Young: Just stay free, play smart. With that said, you've got to play loose, play your game. You can't worry about being so mistake free that you're not playing your best. They best way to describe it is to play smart football. If something does happen and something does go your way, the game still has to be played. Nothing's over. Just play the game, play smart.

Q: Do you anticipate they're going to bring the safeties up, play 8 or 9 in the box?

Young: That's what everybody else has been doing. I wouldn't be shocked or surprised if that happens.

Q: A 7:00 night game on ABC, Gameday is going to be here. What are you expecting the atmosphere to be like on game day that night?

Young: I'm hoping the student section makes it in. They're going to be tailgating for a while. I'm just hoping everybody makes it in the stadium. It's just going to be electric. It'll be a good adrenaline rush. Just need to remain calm. It's difficult for us, waiting all the way until 7:00. You waste a lot of energy just thinking hard. The crowd's definitely going to give us that extra boost.

Q: Have the coaches said anything to you about what they're going to fill that extra 10 hours with on Saturday?

Young: No, they haven't. We haven't met as a team yet. I'm sure we're going to have more meetings, I would just assume and speculate. We may not have as many on Friday night, move them to Saturday. That's how we usually do it, have more meetings during the day.

Q: What time do you guys usually have to get up for an 11:00 kick?

Young: Wake up is at 7. We get to the stadium at 9.

Q: What about a 2:30? Do you sleep in any later?

Young: I'm not sure. That might be 8 or something. I have no idea what it's going to be. I know they definitely don't want people sleeping in until 12, then you get sluggish. Coach will figure it out. I'm sure we'll have a little more time to sleep in. Not like it matters, guys already wake up. I know I wake up myself at 4, every game. A game like this, I'm sure I'll wake up at 4, 5, 6. Some guys don't need an alarm clock.

Q: Just excitement, ready to go?

Young: Yeah. Just hoping and waiting. You're waiting for the wake up call so you can get ready to go.

Q: The running game, a lot has been made of it, but is that almost a good thing, that you guys have mixed it up so much that you head into a game against a top-ranked team, they don't know what to expect, or which back to prepare for?

Young: I think that's overplayed. There's only so many things that you can do to prepare for all the backs. You bring an extra safety, that's going to slow down anybody. I don't really know. I haven't really thought about that. The run game hasn't been how everyone's expected, but somehow we're still 4-0.

Q: It still may be crucial, where do you put the importance of a successful running game this Saturday?

Young: It's very important. The objective of this game is to win. None of us really care how it's done, whether it's all passing or all running. I'm a running back, Ill tell you this right now. It doesn't matter how many rushes we do. It's got to happen, but we want to win. The last time we beat these guys here, how many times did we run? Not very many.

Q: Is it going to take respect from the other team for your wide outs for the running game to open up?

Young: Definitely. They're going to challenge us, period. We're going to have to make something happen. The backs, we're going to have to do something, regardless, it doesn't matter.

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