OSU Postgame: Kirk on the Side

Kirk Ferentz spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's loss to Ohio State. Listen to what he had to say about Alex Kanellis, matching up against speedy receivers, and more in this premium transcript.

Kirk Ferentz: You play them as they come. Again, they were clearly the better team this evening. They don't leave much doubt on that one. I didn't see anything, from where I stand, that left me discouraged. We're going to have a good football team, we feel confident about that. We're not taking it for granted either. It's not going to just happen because we've improved in the past, it's not automatic. We have to make that happen.

Q: What do you have to say about Drew in here and stopped just short of throwing himself under the bus?

Ferentz: I like that, but I don't like that, I guess. He's not looking to make any excuses, he's not looking to point the finger anywhere else, I would hope everybody takes responsibility. We all had responsibility. Win lose or draw that's how it works. The QB does that, but I hope he's not too hard on himself. We just need to keep pushing forward, we're going to get there. I saw some good things out there.

Q: Do you expect him to play next week?

Ferentz: Oh yeah, I expect it. We're not out of the woods, but I think I feel better now than I did two weeks ago or a week ago. That's a positive. When he pulled out Tuesday I was a little concerned about that, but he came back and practiced well for the next two days. It's just good to know somebody else out there is going through something similar to this. I can't tell you who, I'd be in serious trouble. I'd never been around one of these, it's my first experience. A very unusual injury.

Q: The other guys has it on the same side?

Ferentz: I don't know if it's this same side, but as we understand it, it's almost a carbon copy, same thing.

Q: Do you know the extent of Marcus Paschal's injury?

Ferentz: It's a hamstring. We thought he'd be OK tonight. He just couldn't go. It was real early in the game. The good news is I guess the shoulder's better. That's the good news. What other injury did we have? We've had something weird this year.

Q: Did Kanellis practice this week?

Ferentz: Thursday. (Laughs) When you have guys like that, that tells you an awful lot. I was amazed. I told you I couldn't believe he was on the bus for the plane last week. As long as we've got guys that are thinking that way, we'll be OK.

Q: You said something at halftime about making makeable plays?

Ferentz: We had a few drops in there.

Q: I think the defense, too.

Ferentz: Yeah, we missed some tackles. You want to gang-tackle when they have quality players like that. You want to get a couple guys there. The nature of the beast is you're going to have some 1-on-1 matchups, and when you get those, you have to nail those down. We'd done that overall, done a pretty good job of that. But tonight, you have to give them credit, they've got some guys that are tough to get.

Q: Is that always going to be a staple? Is it always going to be a LB on a WR?

Ferentz: The one they had to Gonzalez, they schemed that up. He's a tough match up. I told you, I'd love that guy. I'm not disrespecting anyone else on the football team, but he is one of my favorite players in college football, I really liked that guy. Get him a few votes for all-conference, I guess.

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