Jenkins, Bynes Take In Iowa City

Two top defensive recruits took their official visits together to Iowa City this weekend. Read more about Josh Bynes' and Moses Jenkins' visits in this premium update.

A big-time duo from Boyd H. Anderson HS in Lauderdale Lakes, FL visited Iowa City the weekend, both on an official visit. 4-star LB Josh Bynes and 3-star CB Moses Jenkins arrived in Iowa City on Saturday, a bit before noon.

They began their day with a quick trip over to the team hotel, where they spent a bit of time with their hosts. Jenkins was hosted by freshman WR Paul Chaney, Bynes was paired with safety Marcus Wilson.

They attended a few team meetings and film sessions with the team before boarding the team bus to Kinnick Stadium. The scene that greeted them when they arrived was quite surprising.

"There were thousands of fans, thousands of fans," Bynes said of the scene as they left the bus. "Thousands of fans yelling things like "Let's go, good luck, beat Ohio State, let's go!"

"I loved the stadium," Jenkins added. "All the fans, going in there, it was real nice."

Bynes said he thought that may have been the best part of the visit, seeing all those fans greet the players. The duo went with the team to the locker room, before heading out to the field for the pre-game warm-ups, where they got another surprise.

"We walked onto the field, and the student body was already there in the seats, already thousands of them," Bynes said. "They were chanting things like ‘Come to Iowa' and stuff, they were yelling ‘Josh Bynes, come to Iowa' and things like that.

"This student had a shirt with our names on it, it said "Iowa's Most Wanted" on it. It was amazing."

As the game began, Jenkins felt he could fit right in with Iowa's defensive scheme, noticing they played a lot of Cover-2 defense, something he said he has done plenty of himself.

As for the game, Bynes came away impressed, despite the loss.

"They competed with the #1 team, they did all they could. They're good enough, they could have easily won, but it's OK," he said. "It was a real good game, other than the loss. Ohio State was the better team, but it ain't no biggie, everybody loses. It's part of football. It may be the last game they lose."

Many people assume that a loss by the home team on an official visit may have a devastating effect on recruiting. Bynes said the loss doesn't really hurt the Hawkeyes, and he didn't have any interest in Ohio State, so it doesn't affect how he views them either.

Bynes lists Auburn and Iowa as his top 2, with LSU in third. Bynes has a visit scheduled to Auburn on October 13th, when they play host to Florida. Bynes said he has not set a timetable for his decision, and may wait until signing day to announce his college plans.

Jenkins said he hasn't really narrowed his list down too far, but has been hearing from Iowa, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona State, UCF and USF the most.

We'll check in with Bynes in the coming weeks to see how his decision making process is going.

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