Inside Look at Incoming Offensive Freshman

This week, Coach Ferentz and staff brought in their fourth incoming freshman class. This class does not stand out with a bonafide superstar in rankings as the previous classes have done, but this class may have the best potential in producing overall contributors. has the inside look!

Here is an inside look at the offensive freshman in the Class of 2006:

#1 K Kyle Schlicher:
Kyle arrives on campus after doing the unbelievable in kicking a 60 yard field goal at this summer's Iowa Shrine Game. Kyle will take a red-shirt this year, and be ready to compete for kicking jobs this spring.

#4 WR Clint Solomon:
Clint played QB at Forth Worth Eastern Hills High School. At 6'4, Clint also possesses great speed and leaping ability leading to his move to WR. Clint has a very thin frame as he only reported in around the 175 area; however; he should have no problem getting over 200 and is capable of being a very exciting WR for the Hawks in the future.

#12 QB Cy Phillips:
Cy is another QB arriving on campus that may end up at another position. Cy has poise and a strong arm, but his toughness and size may be desired at another position. If Cy shows flashes that he has the ability to be a starter in the Big Ten then do not expect a move from QB. At this time, at 6'6 and over 230, Cy could end up being a TE.

#15 WR Miguel Merrick:
Miguel was not expected to be an early contributor, but he has reported in great shape and is a quick learner. Miguel only stands in the 5'11/6'0 range, which is very similar to our current WR's. Miguel may not actually join the receiving corps, but could be a fixture on special teams. If Benny Sapp does not return to the team, Miguel could be a possible candidate to switch to the defensive backfield, also.

#16 QB Jason Manson:
Jason is the prime candidate to for sure stay at quarterback during the fall. Jason has great poise, athleticism, and is a winner in the pocket, but his size and arm strength is what will come into question. The staff will try to move Jason along fast, and how quickly he adapts will have a lot to do with his future and will enter into the equation of the possibility of recruiting a JUCO QB. If Iowa has a great year in QB recruiting this season, Jason could be a position switch to WR or CB. Jason has better poise and is a better field general than Brad Banks, but lacks the arm strength of Brad.

#22 WR Calvin Davis:
Calvin may be the most talented offensive recruit to step on the field for practice, but it will take a bit of time to utilize all of his tools. However, Calvin's raw athleticism and speed will likely be too much for Iowa to keep off the field. Calvin will likely have the chance to battle up to the #4 WR with Ramon Ochoa. At the start of the season, I would only expect Calvin's contributions to come on the special teams. Calvin needs to add bulk as he is only around 180, but he is growing fast nearly to 6'3, which will help him a lot in the Big Ten.

#64 OL Chris Felder:
Chris was one of the first commitments for the class of 02', and kind of was a bit forgotten. However, Chris is one of the biggest impact recruits arriving as he will be very important to the OL future. Chris will go through the first year in adding weight and strength, and of course, learn the teachings of Coach Philbin and others. Chris is currently in the 275/280 range, and expect the staff to try and get him above 290 by spring time.

#83 WR David Vickers:
David enters as the first recruit from Ohio landed by the Hawks in a while, and also will hopefully help start a better recruiting ground for the Hawks. David is the most polished WR out of the incoming, but lacks the potential of Calvin Davis and Clint Solomon. David will likely battle Miguel Merrick as the second WR to play as a true freshman as the staff will look for injury depth and speed on special teams.

#88 TE Warren McDuffie:
Warren may carry as much potential as any incoming recruit with his size and athleticism. The big negative on Warren has been his toughness and willingness to be a big-time football player. Warren has the tools, and the staff will search to find his "mean streak." Warren will start out at the stacked TE position, but if he adds the muscle and mental aspect, he could move to become a very good DE. Warren has the agility and lateral movement to play DE, but the staff wants mean down lineman.

SUMMARY: A lot was placed on the Hawks bringing in so many quarterbacks this past recruiting season, but Nathan Chandler may be the only one with an actual future at the position. This recruiting season will likely impact the possible position switches of Cy Phillips and Jason Manson very dramatically.

Calvin Davis possesses the most star attraction of any of the incoming offensive players with his speed and athleticism. However, how he adapts to D1 football will be a big question.

Clint Solomon is my sleeper choice due to his size and potential. He has the perfect size with his lanky body to be a very good WR in the Big Ten, and his accolades in hurdles in the state of Texas speaks for itself in describing his speed and jumping ability. Clint and Calvin could prove to be the first deep threat duo Iowa has had on the roster in a while.

This class probably has more versatility than any other previous class under Coach Ferentz. That is why there is so many possibilities of position switches in this class, and the staff will have a tough decision in trying to allow everyone to develop at the right position.

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