Lewis Jackson Might Be A Hawkeye...Soon

Decatur Illinois Point Guard Lewis Jackson was impressed during his visit to the Iowa campus last weekend. So much so, that the 5-8 flash might be considering saying yes to the Hawkeyes. HN.com Senior Writer Rob Howe caught up with Jackson Tuesday night to find out the latest and filed this report.

I've heard that you really enjoyed your visit to Iowa and might be close to making a decision to become a Hawkeye. Is there truth to that?

That's true. Me and my family we've been sitting down and thinking about it. I might be coming to a decision a little bit early.

With two seasons of high school left, what has you leaning towards pulling the trigger early on a commitment?

I want to focus on my school work and my high school team. It would take the pressure off and allow me to focus on my high school team and trying to win a state title.

Some young guys make a verbal commitment but back out after other offers come. Do you think you'll stick with your commitment?

I think so. I think I'm going to stay by my word because I feel like that's best for me. I don't want to verbal to a school that thinks they have me and then I back out at the last minute because that puts my character in question.

Who else is involved with you right now?

Indiana is starting to talk to me about having me and so is Illinois. Right now with Georgia Tech and Wake Forest (and Iowa), those are the Top 5.

Have they all offered?

No. It's just Iowa right now. I'm going to visit Indiana on the 13th (of October) for Midnight Madness.

Is Iowa the leader at this point?

At this point, yes.

Will you look at those other schools besides Iowa and Indiana?

I'll probably think about it, but I mean, I'm getting close to the coaching staff at Iowa and the players. It might be nice to look at the other schools and see what they have to offer, though.

What would it take from Indiana or another school to take the lead?

They're going to have to be pretty impressive.

What is it about Iowa that has impressed you to this point?

The support that the school gets. It's a great atmosphere to play in and be in. I respect the coaches. It's a great program.

Who from Iowa is going the main recruiting of you?

Kind of all of them, but more Neal and Buckley.

I know the Iowa coaches are interested in a couple of other point guards in your class – Anthony Carter and Deon Dixon. Does that influence the timing of your decision at all?

It kind of does, but then again it doesn't because if they have offers to other kids that means if they decide to come in and make a decision early, that means I'm out. But I have to take my time and make sure that I'm not rushed because two other kids are involved. It might not be the best fit for me.

When do you think you'll make a decision or when will you know it's time to make a decision?

It will be between now and the end of the year. I know it will be before my senior year.

So, you could wait until the spring time?

Yeah, possibly.

What kind of player are you? Is there a player out there you might have a game that looks like yours?

I feel like I have different attributes of different guards. It's kind of hard. Some people might say Dee Brown. Others might say Sherron Collins. I kind of feel like I'm more of a Chris Paul guard, who can get you a point or can get you an assist or go in for a rebound.

What are you focusing on to improve your game?

Running in transition and stopping and pulling because once you get that shot down it's hard on a 2 on 1 if the defense knows you can hot the 15-footer. You might get that or a lay-up or an assist.

If you don't make a decision before your basketball season starts this fall, will you hold off until after the season ends?


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