Purdue Week: Albert Young Transcript

Albert Young spoke with the media on Tuesday at Iowa's weekly press conference. Read what he had to say about Iowa's offense, Drew's missed practice time, looking toward Purdue, and more in this premium transcript.

Q: How do you feel today, you look like you had some nice runs, the holes were there a bit more.

Albert Young: Yeah. The run game was fairly decent. The tone of the game, the tempo of the game called for us to get away from it. That's why we had to stop doing it. There were definitely some openings there. A Defense like theirs, they're so aggressive, the cutback was fairly easy to get.

Q: What does it say about your offense, you haven't had a 100-yard rusher, haven't had a 100-yard receivers, yet you still perform well. Is that 100-yard mark, something people get hung up on?

Young: It's just a number everyone gets hung up on. When it comes down to it, it comes down to total yards. You guys see, our distribution's a little different this year. It's all about the total and how effective it is. When those things come, how pivotal they are in the game. You can't have one guy getting everything.

Q: Talk about the continuity in your offensive line, getting adjusted a bit, the receivers have been in and out. How nice would it be to just have everybody on that page? There, no injuries, nothing?

Young: In a perfect world, you don't want any injuries. This is football. It comes with the game. It sounds like we're saying the same thing every season around this time.

Q: This time it's more spread out there. A couple years ago it was running backs, hitting that position. Now one week you're without Herb Grigsby, or Rafael Eubanks.

Young: I don't think that's necessarily better to spread the wealth with the injuries. You've got it right, it's all over. You can't really hide it. Guys are nicked up everywhere, that's the nature of the game.

Q: What did the film show you did offensively on Saturday?

Young: That we're just that close to making things happen. There were opportunities out there, there were plays out there that are going to be difficult to make, but you don't like to talk about the past. That's over and done with, but in games like that, you've got to make those plays in order to be successful.

Q: Did Drew play at the level he's usually playing at, or did the muscle, I'm not asking you to speculate, but do you think Drew is performing the way he's performed in the past?

Young: He's fine. I think people on the outside that don't really know much about the game are quick to speculate. He's playing good football. You guys watch, I mentioned on Saturday night, there were people everywhere, people in front of his face. He got out of those situations, the play to Herb, it was a busted play, that was all Drew. He shouldn't ever take any blame for that. It's a team effort. It's funny to see how quickly people jump on someone's bandwagon after the Syracuse game, then how quickly they're off. We don't' really put anything into that.

Q: Does the mentality change at all after a loss? A little more focus?

Young: Same routine as if it was a win. Win lose or draw, after the game, we come here after we watch film on Sunday, it's in the past, we don't think about it. We just move it on. We've still got a lot to play for.

Q: Has Drew's missed time in practice affected the continuity on offense at all?

Young: I don't think he's really missed that much, if any at all. He's out there doing everything. Continuity, we just have to block and give him time. It's as simple as that. If guys are dropping the ball, Drew can't throw to himself. No, it's not affecting anything.

Q: You talk about being so close, the defense for Purdue has given up a lot of points, do you look at this to be maybe a break out game on offense?

Young: We're just doing what we need to do to win. It's not necessarily looking at the film and the numbers and saying that this has to be a breakout game. It all depends on what your definition of a breakout game is. If it's putting up 500 total offense, that's one thing. If it's playing soundly, no turnovers, consistently moving the chains, that's what we look at as a solid, productive game. It's how well we move the ball, not necessarily if we're putting up 1000 yards of total offense or not.

Q: You said you guys had the same approach win lose or draw, when you first come into the program, does it take a little bit to buy into that?

Young: I don't really think so. If we get too low on ourselves about this previous loss, we're going to get beat on Saturday. That's just what the Big Ten is about. You can't be too high about your wins or too low about your losses. If you don't bring it the next week, it can be trouble.

Q: The goal of the offense was to take the pressure off Drew so he didn't have to do everything. Have they succeeded in taking the load off Tate?

Young: We're standing here at 4-1 and Drew's played in 4 games. I think things are just going fine. I don't really have any way to answer that for you right now. I think he's playing fine. I don't' think he's playing with any added pressure, it's just that's what senior QBs do. They take a lot of responsibility for things.

Q: Is this game Saturday almost bigger than last week's game in that a loss, momentum, as far as the Big Ten standings go?

Young: Next game is always your biggest game. That's just the attitude you like to take. It's a big game, it's too early to talk about the Big Ten standings, but we know one more loss could put you in a hole you don't want to be in. It's definitely a big game for us.

Q: After looking at Ohio State in person and on film, what do you think about them?

Young: They're worthy of their standing, but I realized they don't make many mistakes. It's definitely a game that we felt we could have won, but we made mistakes and they didn't. That's the difference between the #1 team and everyone else. They're sound everywhere, they're not going to hurt themselves. We hurt ourselves. That's the story. They're definitely a beatable team.

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