Purdue Week: Mike Elgin Transcript

Mike Elgin spoke with the media on Tuesday at Iowa's weekly press conference. Read what he had to say about switching positions along the line, picking up the blitz, rebounding after a loss, and more in this premium transcript

Q: (A question on the attitude after the loss)

Mike Elgin: Hopefully, we've looked at the tape from Ohio State and made our improvements. Our focus this week goes toward Purdue, correcting mistakes, and coming out and playing hard on Saturday.

Q: Coach and Drew and Albert all said you played well, you had opportunities on offense. Does that give you confidence, that you played the best team in the nation and had your shots?

Elgin: No, we just have to take advantage of those opportunities. Until we do that, any team can beat us. You can't win big games, you can't win hardly any games if you have 4 turnovers. Up front we made some mistakes too. There were some things that we need to work on to win any games.

Q: You look at the youth on Purdue's defense. Is this a game where the Hawkeye offense can finally come alive?

Elgin: They have a great coaching staff at Purdue, and we're expecting them to come in here ready to play. It's going to be a challenge for us to come out and start fast.

Q: You a center or guard this week?

Elgin: I don't know. As long as I'm on the field, that's what matters to me.

Q: How much has that changing positions along the offensive line affected you?

Elgin: I think it makes us kind of stronger. We have that ability to move from position to position, guys are flexible. I think, as a whole, it makes us stronger. Anything can happen, people can shift around. It makes it an advantage for us.

Q: A strength rather than a weakness?

Elgin: Yeah, I think so.

Q: Purdue's known for their blitzing, how important is that for you guys to be prepared for that?

Elgin: That's key every weekend. They are a high-pressure team. We've got to be able to recognize their pressure and be able to stop it, block it, and take advantage of any opportunity they give us.

Q: It's a bigger thing for you if you're under center, making those calls along the line.

Elgin: Communication is key between Drew, the center, whoever it may be, and passing that ID down the line, it's critical in every game.

Q: Does Drew seem comfortable to you out there, now?

Elgin: I can't speak for him, but I think he's comfortable. He's a great leader out there for us, and he makes plays for us. He's going to lead us to a victory every Saturday.

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