Post Purdue: Damian Sims Q & A

It's hard to believe that five games into the 2006 season, Iowa had not had a 100-yard rusher. That changed on Saturday after Damian Sims topped the 100 yard the first half. Sims had over 150 yards for the Hawkeyes and Iowa routed Purdue 47-17. Here are Sims' post game comments.

Q: Was it hard preparing for this week, after playing against Ohio State last week?

Damien Sims: They were a #1 team and we were going to get hyped up for that, and some feel that Purdue was not ranked so we were going to take a week off. We wanted to keep the same intensity we had.

Q: How did the holes look out there today?

Sims: I can't remember. I was just running.

Q: Did they seem bigger than usual?

Sims: A lot of times, the whole season, we have been a play away, a guy coming off late or for whatever reason, we have not gotten into our rhythm. Today, we were moving the ball and did whatever we wanted.

Q: When did you know that you would start?

Sims: I kind of knew early in the week, but I was not sure. Albert looked good when he worked out this week, so I was not sure how it would play out. If he would have started, I would have been ready. I will be ready to play no matter what.

Q: Is it hard not to put more pressure on yourself this week, when this is the shot you have been waiting for?

Sims: Not really. I think every game is the same, no matter who it is. I don't get too hyped up or put too much into something. I just go out and play, really.

Q: Talk about those two long runs.

Sims: I was just running. I don't remember how the plays went, to be honest.

Q: Really, you just ran to daylight?

Sims: I just ran.

Q: Do you feel like this was the game the offense has been waiting for to get things going?

Sims: You can say that. Like I said, we have been a play away, or a guy away. It has been little stuff. Today, I bet when we watch the film, we corrected those little mistakes.

Q: Are you down on yourself because of those fumbles?

Sims: Nah, not at all. I was trying to do too much. I think I broke a few tackles and trying to get some extra yards. I don't put too much into it, because I don't fumble the ball. It just happened. I can't take it back.

Q: Maybe more impressive than your long runs was when you and Shonn were able to put together so many 11 yard, 10 yard, 8 yard runs in the second half.

Sims: A lot of times, we are coming in and out. We don't get our own rhythm, and that is hard. Today, both of us were moving the chains and we were moving the ball. Whatever coach called, it worked and we got the job done.

Q: Do you prefer coming in and out, or would you rather have an entire series?

Sims: It doesn't really matter to me. It's better on getting a series than letting someone else take a few plays here and there. You have to be ready.

Q: Which game sticks out in your mind the most; this one or against Minnesota last year when you had the long run?

Sims: Probably this one, because this was my first time starting since my senior year of high school at an all star game.

Q: Is there anyone taping the game for you?

Sims: My people are always watching the game, so I will probably watch it when I go home.

Q: You don't act like you are the #2 guy out there.

Sims: We all wish we could be #1. Albert is a great running back. I have seen a lot of teams that have two or three running backs that are successful running more than one back, so it's no different here. Albert will start next week, so there is no controversy. We will be ready when they call our numbers.

Q: Like Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown?

Sims: Those are my favorites. Maroney at Minnesota. There are examples out there. Albert will start next week. He can play well. He looked good last week, but he didn't play.

Q: Would you feel satisfied with that, after having played a lot today?

Sims: Yeah, it always feels good. It feels good when you are out there. I don't ever go home and pout, because I know the situation. But it felt good today. It was my first start, kind of a different feeling. Rather than coming in in the first or second quarter, but today I started the game.

Q: Coach said you are a talented #2 running back, but could be an all pro cornerback.

Sims: Umm…I don't know (laughs). It is what it is. I can't really comment.

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