Post Purdue: Macus Wilson Q & A

'Next Man In' can sound cliche around these parts, but freshman Marcus Wilson answered that call for Iowa on Saturday. Making the first start of his career at free safety with a high powered Purdue offense as the opponent, Wilson turned in a solid performance and recorded his first career INT.

Q: What happened on your interception?

Marcus Wilson: I saw his head turn, and I snuck in and popped up out of nowhere.

Q: This being your first start, you have a lot to live up to.

Wilson: I have a lot to live up to the next few years, and hopefully I will.

Q: In general, you guys played a great game against a team that likes to air it out.

Wilson: I think we did a pretty good job. We covered the deep balls well. Defensively, we played great.

Q: What did you do on Adam's interception?

Wilson: I had one block and the guy turned around and ran from me and I tried to chase him, and 10 yards into it, I had to stop because I was tired. Adam was dragging all the way down there.

Q: Did jumping into the game last week against Ohio State prepare you for today?

Wilson: We are just playing out there. It wasn't different.

Q: Did you have more confidence this week than last week?

Wilson: I had a lot of confidence out there. Going against OSU, I felt confident.

Q: Would you rather go against the best players?

Wilson: Yeah. That helps you out a lot.

Q: Once Purdue got in the red zone, it seems like you guys put your foot down. Is that a natural thing?

Wilson: It's just natural. We are not trying to let them score at all. We try to get three and out and get off the field.

Q: You guys seemed to be sucking wind after a few of their fourth down conversions.

Wilson: There was one play where we were sucking wind, after Shada's interception. Mattison, he came up big (on the sack). We were tired and he stepped it up.

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