Purdue Postgame: Adam Shada Transcript

Adam Shada spoke with the media on Saturday. Read what Iowa's cornerback had to say about his record-setting 98-yard interception return, nickel and dime coverage, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: Did you guys take it upon yourself to come out and say, "We're really going to step up this week?"

Adam Shada: Yeah, I think the problem the last week was that we weren't running to the ball the way we should have. They made some catches, but a lot of the big passing plays were short catches, they'd convert them, they had athletic receivers, obviously. Give them a lot of respect. We didn't take good angles, we weren't really running to the ball. This week in practice we made it a point to play Iowa defense. You watch Iowa defense, Bob Sanders, those guys that set the standard. Those guys are flying around every play. I think that was the big transition we tried to make. Focus more, take a little more pride in running to the football.

Q: Take me through that interception, when did you see you had it clear, any key block, that stuff…

Shada: They threw a post. I was in front, had an opportunity to cut it off and make the play. My momentum was taking me right. We always say go to the near sideline. I just went up the sideline. There were bodies on bodies, people making plays. After the cutback it was wide open. I just tried to keep my breath, open my stride up. I was tired.

Q: At what point did you think you might be able to take it all the way?

Shada: After the cutback. On the right side there were a lot of white jerseys. After the cutback I think there was only one guy. Klinkenborg was running by me. I knew he'd take care of him.

Q: Were there any blocks that stood out? Any you remember?

Shada: The thing that stood out to me was that on a 98-yard return, you look back, there are no flags, that's rare. People did a great job blocking and obviously they were smart about it. A great transition form defense to offense. Nice that there was no flag. That would have been unfortunate.

Q: Did you play any offense in high school?

Shada: I played receiver my sophomore/junior year, then QB my senior year. Option every play, pretty much.

Q: Some flash backs on that play?

Shada: A little bit. I love having the ball in my hands. It's always fun whenever you get that opportunity to make something happen. It was exciting, it was fun.

Q: Did you watch the replay on the scoreboard?

Shada: I was too tired. I probably looked stupid, I keeled over on the sidelines trying to catch my breath. That's a long play. After a 70 yard series.

Q: How much further could you have run?

Shada: I was running on fumes. When you see the end zone you kind of get something in you, but it was a long return.

Q: What do you think the nickel and dime packages did for you today?

Shada: I think Nickel and Dime work extremely well, especially for an offense like Purdue. In the past, that's what we've always done against Purdue. I don't think it was an accumulation of all the nickel and dime comments. The last two or three years we've always played nickel and dime against Purdue. To bring a little pressure, get some more DBs in coverage, get a couple deep safeties over the top sometimes, it helps us out a bit to have skill guys on skill guys. Our linebackers do a great job. But when you're going to bring some pressure, it's nice to have some more corners in there. I think Purdue, a team like that, nickel and dime works well.

Q: Why wouldn't it work against Ohio State?

Shada: I don't think anything necessarily does or doesn't work. It's down to executing. Coach Norm Parker knows a lot more than any of us. I would never question anything he does and I never do. I think that Ohio State, it wasn't a coverage issue, I think we didn't pursue to the ball very well. We had a lot of times where they'd make a catch and turn a 6 yard catch into a 40-yard gain. I don't think it was a pass coverage issue, I just don't think we leveraged the ball very well.

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