Purdue Postgame: Shonn Greene Transcript

Shonn Greene spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's 47-17 victory over Purdue. Read what he had to say about responding to a loss, proving doubters wrong, patience in blocking, possibilities of playing defense, and much much more in this premium transcript.

Q: How did you guys bounce back from a big disappointment last week.

Shonn Greene: This game was going to show where we stand after that big loss, see how we can bounce back from adversity, I think we did a pretty good job.

Q: How gratifying is it for you on a personal level, I don't know if you hear all these people saying, "Shonn Greene should play defense, or move positions." To go in at RB and have the day you did today.

Greene: I don't think about all that. I don't' focus on all that stuff, what people say. I just try to focus on what the coaches tell us is going on with the team. Whatever the team needs me for, I'm there to do. I don't focus on what other people are saying.

Q: When you see a defender coming at you to make a tackle, do you sort of put the target on him, and want to hit him?

Greene: Not all the time. I don't think all the time, but that probably seems like my style of running, more than going around people. I just try to make a guy miss. Whether that's just running through him or trying to side step him.

Q: You seem to enjoy yourself when the opportunity presents itself.

Greene: You do, it's a contact sport. I love a contact sport, and that's what football is.

Q: How much discipline do you have to have to follow that blocker for 10 or 15 yards on that one play before you spring out?

Greene: I was kind of nervous right there. Sticking behind Tom for a while, I was worried about guys coming from the back side. I have faith in Tom and all our blockers, the O-line and everything. I just stuck behind him, that's when things opened up.

Q: After that big block, you had a cut that made the guys miss.

Greene: I was just trying to get as many yards as I can. Run as hard as you can. After I came off the block, I saw the safety over running me a bit, I just cut to the middle, got through and he missed.

Q: I've heard people say that you'd make a great linebacker, does that talk ever come up?

Greene: Not as far as team-wise, no. I don't try to worry about that. I just try to do what the team needs of me. Whether that be running the ball, special teams, whatever. Defensively, we haven't talked about any of that.

Q: What defensive position did you play in high school?

Greene: Linebacker.

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