Purdue Postgame: Kenny Iwebema Transcript

Kenny Iwebema spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Purdue. Read what he had to say about the next men in, leadership on defense, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on the INTs today)

Kenny Iwebema: Marcus came in, next man in. He stepped up, got a pick, there's nothing more you can ask for. You do what you're supposed to do. We're missing Marcus Paschal and Marcus Wilson just stepped up today.

Q: Does Paschal talk to those guys a lot on the sidelines?

Iwebema: He's always giving words of confidence. Telling them just to get ready for the next series. Just helping everybody out. He's a senior, he's a leader. He's out there helping everyone else get ready.

Q: Did you talk to Edds at all before the game? Settle him down?

Iwebema: I don't think I had to say anything to him. He was out there like… He's a true freshman, and he's out there making plays.

Q: You couldn't have done that, could you?

Iwebema: I don't know. I'm not going to answer that one, make me look bad.

Q: How's your shoulder?

Iwebema: It's doing good.

Q: Early on, even though the pass rush wasn't quite there, got your hands up and knocked some balls down. How big was that to get Purdue out of the rhythm?

Iwebema: It was huge. You could tell he was throwing them low, and getting hands up, we were able to knock a couple down. It takes a little pressure off the guys behind you, back there running non-stop, constantly, the whole game. Any time you can help those guys out you try to.

Q: A lot of people talk about that battle, "Why isn't there a pass rush?" Talk about the match up against a guard or a tackle trying to get in there.

Iwebema: It's a number of things. You might get a run read or a play action that messes you up a bit. It's all kinds of things. Once you realize it's a pass, you need to turn the jets on and get there.

Q: (A question on the leaders on the field)

Iwebema: Everyone feeds off of each other. Ed, Marcus, guys are out there making plays. Mitch, guys that make plays. You just feed off of each other, out there making plays. When Marcus got that pick, it had my hyped. Even young guys going out there and making plays, that's what you want as a defense, you want everybody going out there to make plays.

Q: A couple weeks ago Drew said he took a snap and didn't realize that the center had changed. Is that ever the case on defense, a switch at LB, a switch at Safety?

Iwebema: Today, I couldn't have told you who was back there at safety. Marcus played real well back there. He got a pick in his first start. There's really much you ask for as a defensive back, you want picks. He got on in his first game, I'm happy for him.

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