Purdue Postgame: Charles Godfrey Transcript

Charles Godfrey spoke with the media on Saturday following Iowa's victory over Purdue. Read what he had to say about Adam Shada's interception return, confidence in young players, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: You guys were ready today.

Charles Godfrey: Yeah, we came out and played. We switched it up a little bit. Usually we play a little nickel and dime against Purdue, so we came out and did that. It was very successful.

Q: Usually those guys like to spread them out and throw the ball, but you defended it well.

Godfrey: Yeah, we did. We stayed with our man. Last week playing Ohio State it was very good for us to come out and have that experience, go back and correct our mistakes, and come out and do what we did today.

Q: Marcus Wilson got his first chance in primetime.

Godfrey: Yeah. He did well last week, then he went, fixed some mistakes, and came in today, had some good tackles, a good athletic pick. He came in and stepped it up.

Q: On the interception return, how many guys did you block?

Godfrey: I didn't want to block in the back. I was way on the other side, so I just kind of lagged off a little bit.

Q: A little envious of that, you didn't take one back?

Godfrey: That's my teammate. I'm proud of him. I got a pick, so it's on now.

Q: I think he was struggling for breath at the end of that.

Godfrey: He was very tired when he came to the sideline. He was like, "Oh, I'm dead, I'm dead." I was like, "You got a record, you're in the record book."

Q: Is this a vindication for the defense? The turnovers you guys forced today?

Godfrey: Turnovers always help you. When you get turnovers, with any team, it doesn't matter, it always helps us. It's very good that we can come out and get turnovers out of the defense.

Q: Did you talk at all to Marcus about his first start, jitters, anything like that?

Godfrey: I'll go in and tell him, "You're a good player, you know what to do, you do it in practice. Just go out here and play a game." You're going to have ups and downs, and the good players play through that. When you have a down play, you have to come and play the next play.

Q: What do you think the Nickel and Dime did for you?

Godfrey: Nickel and dime helped us when they spread out, getting in their face, getting jams, being physical, and playing man, which we're capable of doing.

Q: Talk about the depth of your defense, losing two safeties, and still.

Godfrey: We take pride on next man in, you never know when the next injury is going to come. We always talk about next man in, the next man has to be able to come in and be able to play and produce.

Q: Do you have that kind of confidence in your teammates, the guys that back you?

Godfrey: These coaches bring the players in for a reason, they're good recruits. They've got to come in and play.

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