IU Week Transcript: Scott Chandler

Scott Chandler spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say about Tom Busch, consistency, changing positions, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: Have you guys hit your stride, halfway through the season?

Scott Chandler: I don't think so. I hope not. We still have a lot of work to do. 6 games left, I think. We've got some big games coming up and we have a big game this week on the road against Indiana.

Q: What is it you need to work on?

Chandler: Consistency. You can't put one game together and say you've "arrived" or anything. We need to be consistent week in and week out.

Q: Was last week a good place to build on?

Chandler: I think any time you can put up a balanced attack like we did, 250 yards rushing and passing, it's something to build on.

Q: It's mid-terms around college right now. Could you give this team a mid-term grade?

Chandler: Uhh. I don't know. I'm not much of a grader. I know we have room for improvement, how's that? We have the ability to get better, it's something we need to do as a team. Iowa, in the past, has gotten better as the year goes on, and hopefully that's a trend we can continue.

Q: Even though Purdue was just one game, how important, with so many young guys on offense, was it to have that game for confidence reasons?

Chandler: I think it's always big when you can go out there and move the ball like we did, put points on the board, finish drives. That's something that we like to do. What we need to work on now is taking care of the football a little better. We still had 3 turnovers the other day, it's something we can still work on.

Q: How nice is it to see Tom Busch get rewarded for his hard work?

Chandler: He's a guy who doesn't always get the glory. He's behind the scenes a lot of the time. It's good when we can get him out in the spotlight. He made a couple great catches. That block he put on that safety was something that was fun to watch. I know he doesn't get all the glory, I'm his roommate. I get to see first hand what he does all the time. There's not an all-Big Ten fullback, there's nothing like that. For him, scoring a TD, being able to catch a touchdown, it puts the spotlight on him, that's great.

Q: What kind of roommate is he?

Chandler: He's pretty good. He keeps most of his stuff in his room. I'm probably the dirtier of the two. He's a good roommate.

Q: You guys have a couple things in common. You both have been asked to switch positions. When you see another guy like that succeeding, does it give you more confidence in what Coach Ferentz is doing, switching guys around like that?

Chandler: I think that the coaches have shown in the past that they know what they're doing. When they move guys around now, they're pretty receptive to it. We've seen guys like Dallas Clark, Robert Gallery, who changed positions and went on to first-round draft picks. Coaches know what they're doing, and most of the time, they're going to put you in a position to succeed.

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