IU Week Transcript: Alex Kanellis

Alex Kanellis spoke with the media on Tuesday. Read what he had to say about losing his appendix in Champaign, Ill, showing up to practice the next day, and much more in this premium transcript.

Q: (A question on how he found out he had appendicitis)

Alex Kanellis: Well, the night before the game, I didn't sleep at all. I was throwing up probably every 5 minutes. Instead of calling the trainer at night, I just thought I'd wait. I didn't want to wake him up. I went down there in the morning. I said, "I'm sick, I didn't sleep well, throwing up all night." They started poking around, and one spot hurt real bad. They said it looked like appendicitis so I was in there Saturday morning. After the first quarter, I was in surgery. I was lucky enough that it didn't burst and it was quick. I got back with the team on the team flight.

Q: You were pretty lucky though, right? You realize that now?

Kanellis: Yeah. If it would have burst, it would have been a different deal. I would have been out for a few games.

Q: How were you able to come back so quickly? You were in uniform and playing the next week.

Kanellis: I don't know. There was some pain, but there wasn't anything that I couldn't play with. It was the kind of thing where there wasn't any more appendix in there, so I'm not going to hurt myself any worse. I really didn't want to miss that game.

Q: So how are you now, 100%? 90%?

Kanellis: I'm 100% right now, I feel good.

Q: Did you really show up to practice that Sunday?

Kanellis: Yeah, I did. I showed up, I was sitting in meetings, I wasn't all there, I was a little bit sick. Yeah.

Q: What'd Coach Aiken say to you?

Kanellis: He just gave me a look and was like, "You don't have to be here." I said, "Coach, I didn't get to see the game, I want to watch the film."

Q: They don't open you wide open now.

Kanellis: Yeah. It's different than they used to do. It's arthroscopic, three incisions.

Q: Ferentz said he was a little shocked when you got back on the plane. Were you surprised to be on the plane?

Kanellis: I don't even remember it, I was pretty drugged up. I just kind of sat down and fell asleep, the whole time.

Q: When you were at the hospital, was the game on the TV?

Kanellis: Yeah. I watched the first quarter. After that was when they put me out. That's all I got to see.

Q: I didn't understand. Did you start playing in the game?

Kanellis: No, no.

Q: I thought you said you were in the first quarter?

Kanellis: No, I was in the hospital. I watched it in the hospital, the first quarter.

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